22 weeks and counting...

So tomorrow marks 22 weeks in this pregnancy journey of ours. It's starting to become really real to me now...and that's been kind of scary. Everyone around me and so excited for us and just can't stop talking about it, and while I share in the excitement...int he inside, I'm going through every emotion possible. I'm happy, elated, terrified, nervous, anxious, afraid.....all of it at one time. I know it's normal, and I know once he's here everything will be fine. I'm confident that I will be a good mom and that everything will come naturally to me. I don't think anyone is ever 100% ready to be a parent. It'll take practice and lots of mistakes, and I know we'll do just fine.

Ayden is growing like crazy these days. I told Jeremy that I think he's going through a growth spurt because I am incredibly exhausted all the time. For a few weeks my energy had been up, but this past week, I've been so tired. Luckily, being teachers, we've had the luxury of being able to take the time to rest and be lazy. Ayden is moving a lot more now too, which is awesome. However, he seems to really enjoy the area around my bladder, and that's definitely not so fun for me. Just today he finally kicked up around my belly button - you don't know how great that felt!!! Since I've felt him moving (since around 18 weeks or so), he's stayed very low..sometimes felt like he was kicking my insides!!! He's finally moving around more and finding different positions. Yay! I play tag with him sometimes - me poking him and him poking back, but he has to be in a cooperative mood for that. I've also learned that he is not happy when I cross my legs when sitting down. I guess he gets cramped and boy does he let me know it. :) I'm excited about his continued growth and just that he's doing so well! It's such a miracle and a blessing, and I thank God every day for trusting us with such a precious gift.

Christmas was great for us. We spent lots of time with family and friends. This Christmas was the first in a few years that I've been with both my cousins on Christmas day. We have a third cousin, but he has never been with us on Christmas day (he's only 2) and he lives in Korea. So, he was there in spirit :) That was great though. Jeremy and I are very fortunate to be from the same town because we are able to see almost everyone on Christmas day. I love seeing how we've adapted to the different family traditions. I look forward to his family's traditions and I guess he looks forward to ours ;) . We asked anyone who was going to get us a gift to get a gift card to Best Buy. We don't have a video camera, and once Ayden comes along, we want to be able to catch everything so everyone can see it. I got a new digital camera for Christmas, which was great because mine had become outdated and wasn't taking good-quality pictures. We got enough in gift cards to afford the video camera, so we're set to document Ayden's every move!

Well, that's about it for now. I'm so sad that Christmas is already over. It comes and goes so fast. But the real meaning behind Christmas is never forgotten. That's one promise we can always bank on.

Off to get some food to feed this hungry baby. :)