A growing boy....

I've decided that I'm not a blogger. I read "Jonah's blog" (Patrice's blog) every day and wish I had that kind of devotion, but I also don't have a fraction of the readers she has! I enjoy reading about Jonah though. I actually look forward to it - every day, I'm anxiously awaiting the new Jonah blog. :) I'm so happy that he's doing so well. God is so awesome.

As far as life goes in the Jones camp - we're all doing well. I'm quickly learning what it means to be a mom. Mom's have to be able to do it all...usually at one time and in lightening speed. Jeremy does a lot, don't get me wrong, but isn't able to do nearly as much since he's still working and has football and softball stuff going on.

Ayden is growing by leaps and bounds, and advancing developmentally as well! At his 4 week appointment, he weighed 10 pounds and measured at 22 inches long. He is in the 75% percentile in those two areas. In his head circumference....25%. haha He has my head and Jeremy's body.....that makes us laugh. Hopefully it all proportions itself well as he gets bigger....
He is now 6 weeks old, so I'm guessing he's probably close to the 11 pound mark if not a little over. He's started smiling in the past week and definitely knows his mommy. He'll give me the biggest grin if he's been held by someone else for a while and I suddenly pop into his field of vision. I don't blame him....I'd smile at me too :)

He's starting to enjoy his play mat more now that he can interact with it and see things better. He's also enjoying his swing more. I'm learning, though, that he is definitely my child - no question about it. As a child, I had to always be entertained; I was easily bored. He's the same way. He'll "play" with something for about 10 minutes...then gets bored and need something else to entertain him. He's not going to be the child who entertains himself (as his daddy did!), so I have a feeling I'm going to have to stay one step ahead of him all the time. He is such a happy baby, and loves waking up in the morning. He starts the day with a smile on his face, but at night...it's hit or miss. He isn't a restful sleeper and doesn't take good naps during the day (he wakes himself up tooting all the time!! one gassy baby...), so he pays for it at night when he fights sleep when he really just needs to give in and get rest. He'll figure it out though.

We still aren't sleeping through the night yet, but I think we're getting close. I only have to get up with him once during the night (depending on when his last nightly feeding is) usually around 3 0r 4. The good thing about him is that he'll wake up, eat, go back to sleep (most of the time). Occasionally, he'll decide he wants to be awake, but that isn't often. I've decided that sleep is no longer a priority and won't be for quite some time. Jeremy, on the other hand, sleeps through the nightly changing, feeding, etc. Wish I had the luxury......even when Jeremy does get up with him during the night, I stay awake. I can't sleep through much, so I decided I'd just do the night stuff. No use in both of us losing sleep. Now that school's almost out, I'm thinking a deal should be the works. I'll get up at night as long as I can get a nap in the afternoon.....sounds like a nice plan!

That's about it for now. We're loving every second we have him, which is probably why we don't out much.....nor do we stay away from him for long when someone comes to watch him. We can't get enough!! Isn't it supposed to be that way? I know we need time for ourselves too; we'll get there eventually.

Off to bed...hopefully I'll get a couple hours of sleep before Ayden wakes up again.