For those who have just experienced a SIDS loss, the questions come flooding in.  What is SIDS? Why did this happen?  Was it our fault?  Was something wrong with my baby?  I didn't find answers to all of my questions, but the following resources may help you gain a better understanding and also help you feel less alone in what has happened:

SIDS Center

 First Candle

SIDS America - find resources in your state

SIDS Facebook Support Group

Raindrop Memories - based in NC; provide families with special care packages/support items. I love the part of their mission statement that states that they provide:
Tokens of: Honor.Optimism.Peace.Encouragement.

Resources for Grief and Mourning

Rest Ministries

Just Between Us

Respite Retreats/Guthrie Family


These are books that I found especially helpful after losing Ayden so unexpectedly.  People would send books to me, and I read a lot of them, but as I read I began to see what type of healing I needed, so I searched for the books that specifically fit me and what I was craving.  What helps you through this process is personal to your experience and your beliefs.  These books helped me grieve with HOPE.

This book....oh, this book.  Look no further if you want to find hope in the darkest of times.  This was a go-to book for me, and I am so thankful it came into my life at the perfect time. This one is a must!

This was by far the most helpful of all of the books I read.  I cried, laughed and grew so much stronger in my hope.  I loved it because it was real.  I was feeling what she was feeling.  I could touch the pain she expressed in her words because it was the same pain I felt daily...minute by minute.  If you don't read any other book, read this one!