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  1. Hey Sweetie, I love reading your blog. Sometimes I cry with you when you talk about your son and your daddy. I cannot believe "super hero" is turning 2. It just does not seem that long at all since he was born. And, Charlotte will be here soon! I know yall are getting excited. I am so happy for you. I also wanted to let you know that I have started a blog myself about our ongoing journey with our son. Donald and I feel it is time to put the "whole" truth out there. I have no pics as I am not revealing his identity to those who don't now him. Of course, anyone reading it that knows Donald and I will know its Neil. Very little of it is pleasant; however, I wanted to let you know in case you might want to know what all has happened. Please keep us in your prayers as we hope doing this will help us as we continue our journey while we wait to see how it will end. The blog address is: Much love to all of you. Take care. By the way, I love the super hero pic. He is such a handsome little man. Love you.