Adventures in Tinsel-Town

Jeremy and I have been in Hollywood/LA since Thursday, and we've had a really good trip. We left NC Thursday morning at 7:30 and got to LA at 11:45 (west coast time). We had a connecting flight in Atlanta that left shortly after we landed there, which was great because I was not in a shape to be sitting around an airport. Our trip to LA was pretty good...aside from the screaming children adjacent to us. Had a great conversation with the lady sitting next to me, who happened to be from Wilmington, NC! Getting transport from LAX to the hotel was coordinated and simple....everything has run smoothly since.

Leaving Ayden has by far been the hardest thing I've ever done. I've handled it okay. The first night, we ate at an Italian restaurant beside Grauman's Chinese Theater. I was okay, then all of a sudden....I lost it. I know the people sitting near us were probably thinking bad thoughts about Jeremy...haha...but, I don't care. I miss my baby boy!! The next night, cried myself to sleep. Tonight...I'm okay, for now. It is almost 9 here, so I'm doing good. What's worse is that he seems to have some sort of stomach bug, so he's been sick while we've been gone. :( Makes me feel like a bad mommy. I know he is in good hands, though. He hasn't spent much time with his grandparents this is a chance for them to get some bonding time with him. I worry most about him night since he's been spitting up and, at times, gasping for air in his sleep. I think he has a little reflux,, poor little guy. I've been told, though, that he has been REALLY good for our parents, which makes me so relieved. I think I call them 3-5 times a day just to check in. I'm his's my perogative!

Anyway, we've done a lot in the past 3 days we've been here. As soon as we got here Thursday, we made our way down to Graumann's Chinese Theater to see the footprints and handprints of the stars! That was AWESOME!! It was so cool to be standing where some of the greatest of Hollywood talent once stood. Of course, I had to see Judy Garland's block. It has been my dream to stand where she stood and touch my hand to her handprint. Now I can say that I actually did it!! I have a picture to prove it, too....I'll have to post it later. :) After that, we went on two trolley tours. The first was a tour around Hollywood...saw the Hollywood sign...different studios....saw the fire escape where Richard Gere rides up in a limo with roses at the end of Pretty Woman....and more cool stuff around the city. The next tour was of the homes of the stars, Beverly Hills/Rodeo Dr., Belair, and the Hollywood Hills. That was pretty awesome!! We saw homes that belonged to the Osbournes, Nicole Ritchie (beautiful favorite!), Nicolas Cage, Christina Aguilera, Debra Messing, Tom Cruise, The Beckhams, and Michael Jackson. The lady who drove us on the 2nd tour was actually giving this same tour when Michael Jackson died and happened to be outside of his home when the ambulance left with Jackson's body!!

We spent the next two days at Universal Studios. We've been to the Universal in Orlando, so we weren't sure what to expect here since it is the original. There is so much history at this one. We went on the studio tour and saw the set of Desperate Housewives, War of the Worlds, The Grinch, and also saw city sets that have been used in a large number of movies. The rides/attractions were really cool - Jurassic Park had to be the best!! We pretty much did all the major stuff in the park and we were really good about not spending much money!! So proud of ourselves. I think the extent of our in-park expenses were a bottle of water (which we just continued to fill up) and a plush Curious George for Ayden.

Tomorrow, we head to the San Diego zoo for the day. I'm so looking forward to it - for 2 reasons. 1. I love a zoo...b/c I love animals...and I can't wait to see EVERYTHING they have!!! So excited! 2. Tomorrow is our last day....which means I will be seeing my son very soon!!

We've learned a lot of things about LA/the West Coast while we've been here. Below are just a few of the things we've learned:

1. LA is much cleaner than we expected it to be!! Nearly spotless in many of the areas!
2. Foreigners LOVE Michael Jackson...if a video of him comes on, they stop dead in their tracks to watch.
3. Foreigners love photo-opportunities! You know the cheesy, toursity photo-opps they set up at theme parks....a majority of the foreigners flock to them.
4. No bugs. No gnats...flies...mosquitos...or any others buzzing around your head.
5. You will hear so many foreign languages being spoken, you'll begin to wonder if you're still in the U.S.
6. It's hot here....but these people can't begin to know hot!! We would take a 100 degree day here over a 90 degree day at home. They don't have the the heat is less suffocating.
7. There are hardly any backyards....houses on top of houses all over the place!!
8. Beverly Hills is a world within itself....Belair - it's own planet! Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, Jerry Lewis...all lived in Belair. You can't top that!
9. 5 million people...and all of them drive cars!! Public transportation is rarely used...and the freeway is ALWAYS jammed. You literally would have to leave your house at 7 to make it into LA for a 9 o'clock event.
10. It really is as pretty as it looks, especially Beverly Hills. The way it is depicted in the movies - exactly how it looks in real life. It is absolutely beautiful!
11. It may be hot during the day, but at's cold...and it's 70-75 degrees.
12. You're on the lower-end of the totem pole in Beverly Hills if your home is worth 5 million or less.
13. If you're dishonest, you can ride the metro for free.
14. Lindsay Lohan is not well-liked here...and they are quick to express just how dumb they think she is. We saw where she wrecked her car and hid in the bushes....poor girl.
15. There are a large variety of ethnicities! Kind of cool to see them all in one place...interacting and all living together.

We're enjoying our vacation together - probably the last we'll have for just the two of us for a long time. We are looking forward to vacations with Ayden now and watching him discover things for the first time. :) Please pray that we have a safe trip home and that Ayden does well for the remainder of the time we're gone. He seems to be getting better; pray that he kicks this bug completely soon so he can get back to eating like he used to and regulating his bodily functions as well.

Life with a 2-month old....

I'm waiting for Ayden to wake up from his napping marathon - going on 3 hours now. Wish he slept this well at night!

Ayden is 10 weeks old as of yesterday! I can hardly believe it! He is growing so proof being that I had to box up his newborn and some of his 0-3 month clothes today. He's in 3 month clothes now (and he's not 3 months old yet!!) mostly because of his length. He is going to be pretty tall I his daddy.

At his last check-up, he weighed in at 13lbs 5oz and 23.25 inches long. He is in the 75th percentile with his length and the 90th with his weight (whoaaaaa!). Big boy....

He is smiling more than ever and trying out new sounds every day. It's amazing how quickly they develop in the first few months....not to even mention the 1st year.

Sadly, our new-parent syndrome hasn't worn off. haha We're as paranoid as ever. I will say, though, we consult books a lot less than we used to. We're definitely learning Ayden's cues. We know his cries and subtle cues. He's an easy baby....very happy most of the time, and when he isn't, we know what's wrong...most of the time. He has become clingy lately...only wanting me. He'll cry if someone else (other than myself or Jeremy) is holding him....weird. I thought clinginess didn't kick in until much later. I guess he just feels comforted with me. He does spend most of his time with me....understandable.

We're leaving him next week for about 3 days (5 days total in the vacation, but we'll see him the day we leave and the day we get I'm saying 3 days). Jeremy and I haven't been able to travel much at all really since our honeymooon. When I got my short-term disability check (should have been smart and saved it....but, oh well...), we decided we'd do something for ourselves since we haven't been able to. So, we will be going to Hollywood to Universal Studios, the Walk of Fame, do some touring of stars homes, go to Graumann's Chinese Theater so I can FINALLY see Judy Garland's footprints, and we're taking a day to go to the San Diego zoo. Should be fun...I hope. I hope I can be a good sport and enjoy myself without worrying too much. I just keep telling's 3 days...only 3 days. I know he'll be fine with our parents, but's just not the same without mom and dad. :) He needs to spend time with his grandparents though...

Well, he's waking up...finally. Check my facebook for new pictures! He's such a cutie!! :)