8 months ago (on Saturday) {the unofficial post}


This little breath of fresh air came into our lives.

We had no idea how much we needed her in our lives.  That doesn't sound quite right because it almost makes it sound like we were feeling a void of sorts.  No...Collen was quite a fulfillment in our daily lives.  We had no intentions of adding to our family anytime soon.  But God had different plans.  And boy was His timing perfect!

Charlotte Brooke,

How are you already 8 months old?  My how time flies, indeed.  You are such a gift to our family.  A gift I never expected - a surprise I am so glad God blessed us with!  I wasn't so sure about having a little girl.  After two boys, I was afraid I would get it all wrong.  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to give you what you needed....as I expected you to require some different kind of care or nurturing.  Yeah, I didn't know what I was talking about.  All worked up over nothing.  Why?  Because nurturing you...loving you...understanding you....has been like breathing for me.  You are a much different baby than Collen was.  You are an individual just as he is.  Learning your personality has been so much fun.  The interactions between parent and child....with two different children...has been fascinating to me.  It keeps me in check and shows me that although you are different than your brothers....I don't have to love you differently.  You respond just the same. :)  To other moms, that might be a "duh" statement.  Of course siblings are different....of course you love them both equally.  Yes, this is true.  I get it.  But actually SEEING it....it's amazing.

We have not quite figured out which of us you are more like.  Some days, you are stoic, quiet, and serious....much like your dad was as a baby.  Other days, you are silly, funny, talkative and a bit moody....like your momma. Right now, you seem to prefer me over anyone else.  Normal for an 8 month old, for sure.  I don't argue about it at all because I think I cling to you just as much as you cling to me.  The connection you and I share is beyond anything I ever imagined.  I can't put it into words.  You complete me in a way I never knew I even needed to be completed.  

You are doing all sorts of fun things these days!  You are sitting up like a champ.  You love to sit on the floor and scoot yourself around on your bottom.  You uses your legs and arms while sitting and maneuver yourself around in a sort of circle.  You get to whatever you want to get to....no matter how you have to do it.  Sometimes it's rolling, but most of the time, it's the slow, subtle scoot.

You LOVE to eat.  You're an even better eater than Collen was at your age.  I could never get him to eat meat (baby food meat), but you seem to love it!  You do NOT like peas.  That's the only thing you're picky about.  Anything else goes. :)  You're also doing well with bottles.  You've been on formula since about 5 months old, and you're doing just fine with it.  

You've recently learned to clap.  When we say "Yaaayy!!" you clap those little hands together as an automatic response!  You are saying "dada" and "baba."  Sometimes, we think you're saying "baba" (brother) when you see Collen.  But, now...we are trying to teach you "bye bye" and you will repeat the "baba" for that as well.  ;)  Yesterday, you opened and closed your little hand to mimic "bye bye."  So awesome to watch you learn and mimic us!  You also like to give kisses.  Sometimes you catch me by surprise and will plant a big, wet kiss right on my mouth!

You laugh at the strangest things!  None of our babies have been easy laughers.  It usually takes a lot...and often it's something off-the-wall.  But when you laugh, it is definitely one of the cutest things I've ever seen/heard.  You have a raspy, throaty laugh.  Not at all what you would expect from a sweet, baby girl.  You have such a delicate, light voice....it's surprising to hear that deep, raspy laugh!

You love your brother and our doggies.  Whenever Collen is around, you want to see and know everything he is up to.  He is such a good big brother.  He plays with you and even shares his toys with you (most of the time)!  He gives you a hug and a kiss every night before you go to bed and tells you, "I wuv you Charwotte"  And he means it.  He loves you so much.  He is going to be a good protector for you someday, and I pray that he will be an example for you....one of how a man should treat a lady...and one that all other boys will have to measure up to.  You deserve that.  And those doggies.  You light up and get so breathlessly excited whenever you see them!  Scout...not as much.  Gracie is the one you adore!  You don't get to be around Gracie much since she is outside and is so big, but it's evident that she has won you over.  I pray that she sticks around long enough you both to be pals. 

You have a such a great personality.  You're quiet, yet playful.  You're serious, yet silly.  You have such a gentle, sweet spirit about you that brightens every room you enter.  People comment most frequently about your big, beautiful eyes (which right now seem to be mostly blue still, but there are hints of brown peeking through).  You are a bright light in our lives, and we love you more than you will ever know!

God certainly knew what He was doing when He sent you to us.  I'm just so, so glad He did because I can't imagine having a more perfect baby girl. :)


  1. Loving the updates. You have beautiful children :)
    An English Grandma x

  2. Wow! Those beautiful eyes! :)

  3. She's so pretty!!! I love that you and Char share such a sweet connection. So sweet.