Mid-Week Randoms

I tend to post a lot of the randomness that is going on in our neck of the woods, so why not do it on Wednesday when most of the other bloggers are sharing their random info?

Here goes the randomness...

Tomorrow is my last day of work for a little while.  I am a 9 month employee with a 10 month option, and we did get a 10th month this year (thank the LORD!).  That means I have to work 20 days during the summer months.  I have already worked 9 of those days as of tomorrow, so I have 11 left.  I will work a few days here and there over the summer and then go back to work full time on August 4th.  So, it's almost like getting my summer off like when I was teaching, and it's wonderful for our babysitter as well because it keeps it consistent for her and the schedule we were all on when I was teaching.  Works for everyone, which is wonderful!

We have a big weekend ahead of us because we are taking Collen to see.....

He doesn't know he is going to see Thomas this weekend.  I'm trying my best to keep it a secret, but I almost let it slip this morning!  I'm so excited for him!  He asked me this morning about riding a train, and I told him that maybe he would get to ride one very soon. :)  Going to be a blast!  We went to Tweetsie last summer while Miss Charlotte was still in my belly....so this will be her first trip on the outside.  She's such an easy baby; I have no worries about how she will do.

I've been listening to Dr. David Jeremiah's sermons on the Antichrist.  If you are interested, you can go here to listen. It has been enlightening and informative....and it just has me ready to meet Jesus in the air...soon!  This world is a scary, dark, ugly place.  The news gets worse every single day.  Some of the things the news reports now is just mind-boggling and terrifying.  I try my best not to live with a spirit of fear and to trust that God is in control, but it is clear that Satan has a stronghold on this world.  I'm ready to go.  I came across this poem in one of Dr. Jeremiah's books, and I loved it...posted it on Instagram. It is so hopeful...and I'm all about hope!

Charlotte is very close to crawling these days.  She has the "swivel" down to a science.  We can put her down and in minutes, she's across the room, just by swiveling her little bottom, using her hands and legs, but never getting on her knees.  She likes to put her hands down, lift that little bottom in the air and stand on her tip toes....almost like she's about to do a somersault!  Sometimes, I think she's going to just stand up, but she's not quite there yet.

 I love mornings with this sweet face.  What did I do to deserve this little beauty?  She steals my heart with every glance, and I look at her and think, "Please baby girl....don't break this momma's heart.  But if you do...this momma won't ever stop loving you."

Collen...Collen...Collen.  He is almost 3.  How did that happen?  He is so smart and just the sweetest, most affectionate little boy.  He is in a phase where he loves to give hugs and kisses.  I gladly take every single one he wants to give out.  He went to a Mudcats (local minor league team) baseball game with Jeremy and Jeremy's parents last weekend.  He had a ball, and of course Nana spoiled him.  He came home with a hat, shirt, bat and ball....thank God for Nanas and Grandmas!!

Since starting my new job...and having a toddler and an infant....I haven't been able to decorate my house at all.  When I started my new job, I took a pay cut since I started mid-year.  It has been rough....but we're making it.  This purchase seemed unnecessary, and it probably was, but they were marked down, and I knew they would be gone if I went back.  So, I splurged a little bit and got this cute shelf and bunny to sit atop it.  My home decoration style is shabby-chic with a flare of color and patterns (polka dots and checks).  It's not at all the way I want it - I have go piece by little piece, but one day it'll all be the way I want it. :)  Right now, I'm focusing on the people and the happy memories that happen inside out little home.  The decorating can wait.

My sister recently moved. :(  Her husband took a job with his family's business.  I might as well advertise for him - if you're ever in Eastern NC and would like to sample some wine, eat some good food, or just tour the vineyards go on over to Duplin Winery !  DJ and Megan travel around to area festivals promoting Duplin wine; they even got married in the vineyards!  Collen has been missing his MiMi and Uncle J, so we got together via FaceTime and Collen had a blast.  He told them all about his day/weekend.  Luckily, they are only a little over an hour away.  We will just have to plan visits now instead of just dropping in. ;)

Collen loves his baby sister.  He was so proud of her yesterday when she closed all the little doors on this toy.  He had to show her how to open all of them so she could close them again.  It was so sweet to hear him say, "Good job, Charlotte!! You closed all the doors! Now let me show you how to open them!"  Just melts my heart...
And I'll leave you with an adorable picture of Scout.  We are boarding her in a local kennel/doggy day care facility this weekend.  She is going to have a blast!  I'm praying nothing bad happens, but I've heard nothing but wonderful things about this place.  She's going to romp and play and enjoy her time socializing.  We are still getting used to Scout.  We had Tucker for 6 years, and we had learned all his cues.  We're still figuring her out, but she is doing a great job.  She is very receptive to commands and listens pretty well (most of the time).  She is a chaser, so we always put her on a leash.  If she catches sight of a bird...she's takes off after it.  She is so sweet and friendly and loving.  I'm looking forward to many years with Miss Jean Louise (her full name...haha)
I'm looking forward to the summer at home with my sweet little ones.  I'm so fortunate to be able to get this time with them.  We have one big trip planned for now - going to Pigeon Forge, TN in a couple of weeks with Jeremy's parents and family.  Aside from that, we have some Kindermusik classes to go to and both kids will be in swim lessons in July. 

I hope you all have a great summer ahead of you! Make the most of every moment and make some lasting memories! :)

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