Prayer Request

Many of you have either come to my blog by way of Lori over at "Lori Does Maryland" or you've found her blog through mine. We met Lori and John at David and Nancy Guthrie's Respite Retreat.  If you have lost a child, please check out their website and GO!  It helped us immensely!  And we met people and made connections that helped us survive and live with hope.  Lori and her husband John have a story very similar to ours.  They lost their first son, Matthew, at birth to an undetected umbilical cord issue. They have faced infertility, adoption hopes and disappointments, successful IVF procedures that resulted in 3 pregnancies - their first, Matthew, who renewed hope and joy in their lives and then led to the deep sorrow of the loss of a child.  Next came Luke....who like Collen for us...brought back that hope...but hope that was guarded at times, yet determined to shine through and believe that this child was meant to live!  And little Luke has been an amazing blessing and shining light in their lives and the lives of so many.  I know what Collen is for us....the hope, joy, and amazing blessing he is each and every day, so I know what Luke brings to their lives!  Then, around the same time we found out about our little surprise (who we know now is Miss Charlotte), Lori and John were undergoing another IVF procedure in hopes of conceiving another sweet, precious baby, and it worked!  I was so thrilled to know that we were in this together again.  She and I were pregnant together with Luke and Collen, and it was so nice to have someone to talk to who understood the fear and hope and every other little emotion that comes with a pregnancy after the loss of a child.  And here we were again....carrying little lives again together....remaining hopeful, yet knowing all too well that we aren't promised that this child will live.  Just because we've lost one doesn't mean it won't/can't happen again.  Lori and John are experiencing that now.  Lori nicknamed their newest baby "Dash-3", and the little one's heart stopped beating some time in the past few days.  There are no words to offer in these times that can make any of this better.  It's something we are not capable of understanding....ever.  Perhaps when we meet God face to face, His plan will be clear.  But here, now, it's impossible.  Please lift Lori and John up in your prayers.  They are obviously heart-broken and hurting.  Little Luke will be a welcome distraction as they go through this process, but the pain will still remain.  Little Matthew is playing with his younger sibling....and both will run to meet Lori and John in Heaven someday.   And what a wonderful day that will be...


  1. Lori and John are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I will pray for Gods peace and comfort to rain down on them.

  3. I will be praying for Lori and John. So sorry to hear this.

  4. Literally heartbroken, they are definitely in my thoughts and prayers, as are ya'll each and every day...

    MK Hucko

  5. Lori and John are in my thoughts and prayers as well. I, too, have experienced the pain of one day everything being fine and the next time the baby's heart beat is gone. I will go to her page and offer her words.
    The unanswered question of "why" is one of the hardest things to live with.
    <3 B

  6. Did I ever tell you I loved you?! I couldn't comment when I read this...but wanted to be sure I let you know how much it meant. xoxo