Prenatal Update - 32 weeks

Went to see the midwife today (got to see Carolyn - she's my favorite!). I had gained 4 pounds in two weeks. Ayden and I are going to have to have a chat about this weight gain thing. I'm okay with a pound a week from now on....but we can't be having 2 pound gainage every week! hehe I read in "What to Expect When You're Expecting" that the weight gain slows towards the end, so I'm certainly hoping for that. It's hard when I'm so hungry all the time though....and I don't crave the healthiest of foods. I'm trying though....

Anyway, Carolyn checked Ayden's position. He was head down, as usual, but he had switched sides today. Usually he is facing my right side with back along my left side - today he was the other way. His heartbeat was around 160 - it was during his wakeful time, so he was getting active. I've had no swelling, no pain, no bleeding, no complications at all. My blood pressure has stayed steady (and good), and I did pass the glucose test (but just barely 126/130). I feel so fortunate and blessed. I'm so thankful for all the prayers that I know are going out for us. I go back again in 2 weeks, and then at 36 weeks for the strep test - NOT looking forward to that, but it'll be fine. After that, I'll go back every week to check for changes/dilation.

We can't believe how soon Ayden will be here! It seems like forever-ago we were trying to decide names and just waiting to see whether it was a boy or a girl. It seems like once we hit the 20 week mark, time just sped up. I'm hoping it'll slow down a little bit from here on out. I've only had one baby shower, so we don't have everything we all. We could get by with what we have if he came early, but that's definitely not what we want. Ayden's room is painted, he has a crib and a changing table, he has clothes and some he's set there. I'm a perfectionist though, and I want it all to be exactly the way I want it before he gets here. Hopefully it'll be set soon.

The sub I was hoping would take my place at work decided she couldn't handle my work load. :( I told her I'd have it all set for her...everything planned, but she still didn't think she could do the job justice. I'm hoping an intern from Rose will be interested in jumping in for me. Her clinical teacher is a friend of mine and says she would do a good job. That would be ideal since she's been teaching seniors all semster anyway. We'll see. Pray that I get a good replacement - I will be so anxious and nervous not knowing how my kids are doing. I at least want to know they're in good hands.

Well, that's about it for now. Jeremy's in SC this weekend for a coaches clinic, so I'm heading home tonight to see my parents and to go see Jeremy's sister and our little nephew :) Hopefully the weekend won't fly by too quickly.