New Happenings and Embarassing Moment!

Well, I've hit the 8 week mark, and I started feeling it today. Morning sickness is setting in more and more as the days pass by. This morning, I was sitting in my office and was feeling a little queasy. I stood up to get something and thought I was going to lose it all right there. I sat down really quickly and reached for some crackers as Sierra Mist. I absolutely refuse to throw up (I know...I say that now....just wait.....I know....), and I will avoid it until I can't help it. After lunch, though, I felt a little better. It only seems to hit when I'm getting hungry or when I am hungry. I haven't had trouble eating. I just have to eat things that appeal to me (which excludes Lasagna at the moment). I'm interested to see how things progress in the sickness area over the next 4 weeks. I'm hoping it slows down a lot by then. I'm also feeling some differences. I'm starting to feel my ligaments stretching, which is WONDERFUL because that tells me the little one is growing and making room. :) I'll deal with the pain and sickness as long as I have to....I just want this little peanut to be strong and healthy! I absolutely LOVE being given the blessing of carrying a miracle around in my body. God is so awesome, and His creation is so amazing!!

So, for my embarassing moment.... I didn't want to eat my leftovers for lunch today, so I made my way to the cafeteria. The lunch lady laughed at me because I ALWAYS ask for pizza and fries. She said, "We have all this good food, and you ask for pizza and fries." I said, "It's always been one of my favorites! I've always loved school food." (My FAV. is the cheap chicken sandwiches...yyyuummm) Anyway, I'm walking out with my tea and my plate of food and I notice that one of my students is wearing a pink shirt under her polo (not allowed...must be white), so I'm focused on telling her to pull her shirt down. As I'm walking toward her, my shoe slips out from under me (like I turned my ankle, but not as bad a that), and I fall down to my knees....IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!! Luckily, I think it looked like I very abruptly bent down to pick something up. However, some students saw it, and once they found out I was okay, we all laughed. So, I stood there for a second, brushed it off, laughed a bit, talked to my kids, gave a little curtsy, then went on my way. haha :( I hate when that happens!

Ayden's Story


Hello World,

My name is Ayden Brooks Jones. My mommy and daddy are Jeremy and Lindsay Jones. Did you know that mommy and daddy have been in love for almost 10 years? There is a lot of love between those two. I am so lucky to call them my parents! Mommy found out on August 28th 2008 that she was pregnant; a baby was on the way! Little did she know that it was me - her Ayden Brooks Jones she was so anxiously waiting to meet. Mommy said she didn't really prefer one over the other...a boy or a girl....but she said that deep down inside, she knew I was a boy, and she was so excited!

On Nov. 26th, mommy and daddy found out that I was indeed a little boy. They couldn't wait to tell everyone that Ayden was on his way! They loved my name from the beginning and were happy when they found out they would be using it as their son's name. Mommy and daddy told my grandparents soon after that. Everyone was so thrilled!

Mommy found out that I was a very scheduled baby. I would kick and wiggle early in the morning, right before lunch, mid-afternoon, and then late at night. She always knew when I was about to wake up and put on a show. For the most part, I was pretty laid back - a lot like daddy. Mommy found my tickle spot while I was in her tummy! She would rub my back and I would wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. After I was born, it still worked!

On mommy's birthday, I decided it was time for me to join the party. Everyone was here, why not! Mommy woke up the morning of her birthday at 3:30 feeling a lot of pressure. That was ME mommy!! I was ready to meet you! Mommy and daddy finally went to the hospital at 11:30 that night. I decided I wanted my own birthday, so I waited until the next day to get moving and make my way out into this world. At 3pm (almost 36 hours later) Mommy started to push. We are a good team because she and I were able to push together and I came out 30 minutes later at 3:36pm. I came out screaming! Mommy and daddy said I was so beautiful and healthy! They were so excited to be my parents and to finally meet me. I was happy to finally meet them too. I calmed right down as soon as mommy started talking to me. Of course, they had to weigh me and such. I didn't like being on that cold scale! I had just been inside mommy's tummy in a warm, comfy place! Seriously.... I weighed 7lbs and 14oz and I was 19 inches long. I had fooled them all. Mommy didn't gain a lot of weight and she didn't look very big, so they all thought I would be much smaller. They were happy, though, to learn how healthy and big I was.

After 3 nights in the hospital, I finally got to come home. We were already enjoying ourselves as a family. Mommy and daddy loved to snuggle me, talk to me, and give me as many kisses as they could. I loved to eat! I ate more than most babies my age. By the time I was three months old, I was eating 8oz per bottle! That meant I slept better too. I made it easy on mommy and daddy. From the start, I only had to wake them up once or twice at night. Sometimes, you just need a midnight snack. And who better to get it from than mommy! I loved our times in the middle of the night. She didn't think I could see her very well, but I did, and I would just smile and smile at my mommy. I thought she was the most beautiful mommy. Daddy said so, and what daddy says must be true. Mommy was lucky to have two men in her life who thought she was just awesome!

As I continued to grow, I began to become very alert and happy almost all the time! I loved to play, play, play - starting at 4 weeks old. Mommy would put me on my little mat and I would kick and wiggle. I hadn't quite gotten coordinated, yet, so my kicking seemed kind of random. But I'm a quick learner! Soon after that, I was kicking away whenever they laid me down! At 8 weeks, I loved to be read to and to look at bright colors! Most importantly, I liked to look at mommy and daddy's faces! They could always make me smile and even laugh! At 2 months old, I was trying to sit up when in someone's lap. I would get very frustrated because no one seemed to realize that this was what I was trying to do. They thought I was too little. Too little? I want to see everything you're seeing! Finally, they figured out what I wanted, and I was sitting up, with help, and looking all around the room. They couldn't believe how strong my neck was. I could hold my head up almost perfectly!

Some of my favorite times were: bath time, diaper time, playing on my mat and looking at the musical star, laughing at mommy and daddy, going to church, visiting family, going to daddy's softball games, and morning cuddle time with mommy and daddy. My favorite part of the day was when I would wake up in the morning. I was such a happy boy in the morning! It was time to play with mommy! The other best part of my day was when daddy came home from work. I would save my biggest smile for daddy! I was so happy to see him! That was when we got special Daddy and Ayden time. He's a great daddy. I kind of love him....a lot.

When I was a few days from being 4 months old, I rolled over for the first time, from my back to my tummy. I was so proud of myself! Daddy had to personally congratulate me because he was proud too! Mommy and daddy were so excited. I didn't get what the fuss was about - I knew I could do it. I had just learned to turn over onto my side, which was my favorite way to sleep. I didn't get to sleep that way much because mommy always kept me on my back, but she let me sleep my favorite way for nap time. I could hold my head up so well!! I could even look up at daddy while on my tummy...and he's tall! We had such a great summer together.

When mommy and daddy had to go back to work, I had to go to day care. I didn't like being away from them, but it wasn't for long during the day, so I saw them again soon. I enjoyed my time at day care, just taking it all in. I was the smallest, so I got the most attention. My favorite day was when I got to swing in the baby swing outside. That was really neat! Mommy couldn't believe how much of a big boy I was! I guess I was a big boy. I was bigger than most kids my age and I was doing a lot of things most babies my age hadn't done yet. I don't know why; I just did.

One day, mommy dropped me off before work. She gave me a big kiss and told me she'd see me later. I watched her walk out the door. I wish that hadn't been the last time I saw her....or she saw me. But I didn't know. I was sleepy, so I laid down to take a nap. While I was sleeping, Jesus asked me to follow Him to Heaven. It seemed like such a beautiful place to be, so I went with him. I didn't hurt or feel pain. I went peacefully and quickly. I am in Heaven now, rejoicing and enjoying everything it has to offer. Mommy and daddy miss me so much. I don't want them to be sad. They will see me again very soon! Until we meet again, I will still love them very much. They showed me what true love is. They made me feel so loved, protected, cared for, and cherished. They told me everyday how much of a blessing I was to them. They were the same for me. Please pray for my mommy and daddy, and help them to remember that I'm okay. I am where everyone else wishes and hopes to be someday. I hope I meet you all soon, but you'll have to get in line because mommy and daddy get to be with me first!

Thank you for loving me and for praying for me and my parents. Thank you for showing my parents just how special they are. Thank you for keeping up with me while I was here with you all and for always telling me how cute I am. I didn't know what cute meant, but it could always make me smile. I am smiling now, and laughing all the time. I am happy and blessed.

See you soon....



Little Jones on the way!

This is a little late, but that's okay. As of August 28th, Jeremy and I are going to be parents to a sweet little one. We went to the 6 week appointment on September 12th. I'm seeing the midwives, for now, and the one we saw (Lisa) said everything looked good (perfect was the word she used, which made me feel even better!). It was so surreal, sitting there with all of these other pregnant women, and Jeremy sitting next to me. It felt really weird, like we are really grown up now. It's a little scary because while we know we are ready for a child, at the same time, it's scary to know that it'll never be just the two of us again....we'll be responsible for a life....for supporting it, guiding it, teaching it, protecting it, and loving it unconditionally (that won't be hard). It is a lot to take in all at once, but it's setting in now. We go back on Oct. 17th to hear the heart beat. Maybe we can get them to do an ultrasound then since we didn't get one at our first appointment. I want to see the little peanut!

I'm only 7 weeks, 4 days, so no prounounced symptoms yet. I do feel nauseous almost every day, but usually only when I'm starting to get hungry. I have to keep something in my stomach at all times. This sounds wonderful in theory, but being a teacher, that's harder than one would think. By the time 4th period is ending, around 3:30, I'm in need of a boost. So, I usually start to feel sick toward the end of class, which isn't good with a class of 33, 4th period, at the end of the day. At that point, I just don't care anymore because I'm more concerned about not throwing up. We'll see how that goes as the coming weeks progress. Other than that, my other symptoms are pretty mild - really tired, backaches every now and then, and some cramping. I'm so ready to start showing so that it's obvious that there's something in there!

We've told our parents, which was wonderful. They were so excited! One my side, this will be the first grandchild, first great grandchild (my Dad's mom) and 11th great grandchild (mom's side). On Jeremy's side, this will be the 2nd grandchild (his sister is due in March!), 2nd great grandchild (mom's side) and 4th great grandchild (dad's side). My sister is so excited!! Yay! I know we have no chance in keeping this little one unspoiled, but I guess that's ok. :) So, everyone knows and we're telling people - ask quickly as we can. There are so many to tell - another reason I want to start showing....people can just look at me and know. haha

Well, I guess this enough for now. We're so excited and so thankful to our friends and family for keeping us in your prayers. This little one is definitely an answer to prayer. We've been hoping and praying for this child for some time now. God's timing has worked out perfectly, and we couldn't be happier.