Little Jones on the way!

This is a little late, but that's okay. As of August 28th, Jeremy and I are going to be parents to a sweet little one. We went to the 6 week appointment on September 12th. I'm seeing the midwives, for now, and the one we saw (Lisa) said everything looked good (perfect was the word she used, which made me feel even better!). It was so surreal, sitting there with all of these other pregnant women, and Jeremy sitting next to me. It felt really weird, like we are really grown up now. It's a little scary because while we know we are ready for a child, at the same time, it's scary to know that it'll never be just the two of us again....we'll be responsible for a life....for supporting it, guiding it, teaching it, protecting it, and loving it unconditionally (that won't be hard). It is a lot to take in all at once, but it's setting in now. We go back on Oct. 17th to hear the heart beat. Maybe we can get them to do an ultrasound then since we didn't get one at our first appointment. I want to see the little peanut!

I'm only 7 weeks, 4 days, so no prounounced symptoms yet. I do feel nauseous almost every day, but usually only when I'm starting to get hungry. I have to keep something in my stomach at all times. This sounds wonderful in theory, but being a teacher, that's harder than one would think. By the time 4th period is ending, around 3:30, I'm in need of a boost. So, I usually start to feel sick toward the end of class, which isn't good with a class of 33, 4th period, at the end of the day. At that point, I just don't care anymore because I'm more concerned about not throwing up. We'll see how that goes as the coming weeks progress. Other than that, my other symptoms are pretty mild - really tired, backaches every now and then, and some cramping. I'm so ready to start showing so that it's obvious that there's something in there!

We've told our parents, which was wonderful. They were so excited! One my side, this will be the first grandchild, first great grandchild (my Dad's mom) and 11th great grandchild (mom's side). On Jeremy's side, this will be the 2nd grandchild (his sister is due in March!), 2nd great grandchild (mom's side) and 4th great grandchild (dad's side). My sister is so excited!! Yay! I know we have no chance in keeping this little one unspoiled, but I guess that's ok. :) So, everyone knows and we're telling people - ask quickly as we can. There are so many to tell - another reason I want to start showing....people can just look at me and know. haha

Well, I guess this enough for now. We're so excited and so thankful to our friends and family for keeping us in your prayers. This little one is definitely an answer to prayer. We've been hoping and praying for this child for some time now. God's timing has worked out perfectly, and we couldn't be happier.

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  1. I remember when i started showing- at first it just looks I had put on few pounds but i would walk around rubbing my belly so people would ask me if i was expecting just so that i could tell them that i was...and sometimes i would tell them i wasnt-- ohhh there faces were hillarious...that was always fun