New Happenings and Embarassing Moment!

Well, I've hit the 8 week mark, and I started feeling it today. Morning sickness is setting in more and more as the days pass by. This morning, I was sitting in my office and was feeling a little queasy. I stood up to get something and thought I was going to lose it all right there. I sat down really quickly and reached for some crackers as Sierra Mist. I absolutely refuse to throw up (I know...I say that now....just wait.....I know....), and I will avoid it until I can't help it. After lunch, though, I felt a little better. It only seems to hit when I'm getting hungry or when I am hungry. I haven't had trouble eating. I just have to eat things that appeal to me (which excludes Lasagna at the moment). I'm interested to see how things progress in the sickness area over the next 4 weeks. I'm hoping it slows down a lot by then. I'm also feeling some differences. I'm starting to feel my ligaments stretching, which is WONDERFUL because that tells me the little one is growing and making room. :) I'll deal with the pain and sickness as long as I have to....I just want this little peanut to be strong and healthy! I absolutely LOVE being given the blessing of carrying a miracle around in my body. God is so awesome, and His creation is so amazing!!

So, for my embarassing moment.... I didn't want to eat my leftovers for lunch today, so I made my way to the cafeteria. The lunch lady laughed at me because I ALWAYS ask for pizza and fries. She said, "We have all this good food, and you ask for pizza and fries." I said, "It's always been one of my favorites! I've always loved school food." (My FAV. is the cheap chicken sandwiches...yyyuummm) Anyway, I'm walking out with my tea and my plate of food and I notice that one of my students is wearing a pink shirt under her polo (not allowed...must be white), so I'm focused on telling her to pull her shirt down. As I'm walking toward her, my shoe slips out from under me (like I turned my ankle, but not as bad a that), and I fall down to my knees....IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!! Luckily, I think it looked like I very abruptly bent down to pick something up. However, some students saw it, and once they found out I was okay, we all laughed. So, I stood there for a second, brushed it off, laughed a bit, talked to my kids, gave a little curtsy, then went on my way. haha :( I hate when that happens!


  1. awwwww poor thing... Thats another cool thing about being preggo- you can use it as an excuse for all 9 months.... Before you know it your kids will be making fun of you cause you wore two different shoes cause you cant see your feet over your belly...hahah

  2. Yay for growing babies! I'm glad you didn't lose your pizza when you slipped. I can just picture a hormonal pregnant woman crying, not because she fell & was embarrased but because her pizza was on the floor! :) I'm misty-eyed just thinking about it! haha