A blog worth reading....

I have aspirations for myself.......

- I want to be one of those ladies who can create something super-cute out of nothing....

- I want to be an awesome cook and be able to cook great meals with little expense...

- I want to use my artistic talents that have remained dormant for some time now (since I turned down Art Club in the 6th grade for Glee Club. I wish they had let me do both....)

- I want to be "that mom" - the one everyone looks at says, "Wow...how does she do it?"

- I want my blog to be read worldwide....although, it wouldn't matter to me if I had one reader a day or 100 a day.....I write for healing; it is my outlet.....it is for me. I'm humbled that anyone even reads it and continues to come back for more.

I want to reach this point:
Joy's Hope Blog

I will be reading up on this blog....taking it all in. I read one post today and was hooked. I like this lady and her approach to everything. I find it so interesting that EVERY mother I have come into contact with or have been referred to....EVERY single one is a woman of faith. It makes me wonder 1) Why do such bad things have to happen to people who are genuinely good people? 2) Perhaps God KNEW we would continue to serve Him despite such tragedy.

One thing these ladies have made clear....and myself as well....it's not easy. It's not easy to say, "God is good"..."God is faithful"... when you're hit by such tragedy. It was so easy for me to say before this....but not anymore. Even though I'm not able to say it now, I still believe it.

Check out her blog. I love what she has to say....



  1. I love the song, that's written on the stone. It's called Glory Baby, by Watermark. I remember buying that cd when we worked at Lifeway! Great song and CD!

  2. I couldn't say those words for a long time - but I do now! I'm sure one day you will again, you have every reason to feel the way you do.

    How can I look at our three kids we've been blessed with again...AND have the husband I have and say ANYTHING except God is good!?!? BUT, I will forever wonder and be confused about WHY we had to loose Grayson. I know one day we will have that answer.

    Thinking about the three of you! Love you - Kelley

  3. Her blog is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. ((HUGS FOR YOU))

  4. I'd found her website a while ago for a craft but hadn't checked back recently. That's a beautiful post, though.
    Somewhere deep in my mind, I would love to quit my job, do photography, paint crafty stuff and sell it, blog (and have ad revenue coming it to support it) and be a SAHM. It would be amazing and using these passions and gifts I've been given--and also completely scary to rely solely on those things :)

  5. What you said is so true.

    Even a year after losing Mark, I still can't praise God the way that I used to...with my hands raised high. I can't use words to say that God is good, but I have never stopped believing it and I am even believing it more and more.

    God knows your heart and that is what matters.

    Praying for you today,

  6. When this first happened to me I kept thinking WHAT DID WE DO WRONG? We go to church, we fulfill our callings, we pay tithing, we are teaching our children the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are having family prayer 5 times a day, we are reading our scriptures, and we just good people all around.
    The only thing I can think of is the Lord just wants to know if we will continue to love and praise him. That I do not need to change anything just keep on doing what we where doing.
    I am thankful for the blogging community I have found that I am not alone that terrible things happen to really good faithful people.
    I never say my life sucks.....because it does not suck I can look around and see my many blessings that reach further than my eye can see.
    I can not imagine how heartbroken you must be to have lost your only child. That would be so hard.
    I pray everyday that you will be blesses with your hearts desires! I just wanted you to know I pop in everyday and see how you are doing. Mourn with those that Mourn and try and carry some of their burden by praying for them.
    Love your Friend,

    Stephenie Williams
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  7. thanks for sharing that blog! I have one I'd like to share with you. You may have already heard of it already. It's www.audreycaroline.blogspot.com
    I went back and read it from the very beginning. Angie (the writer) has so much to say and I've found so much meaning in her words.