Again with the unexpected...

I went in for an ultrasound today.

Routine check - Collen's delivery was 90% drama-free, but as we all know....I have a record for dramatic deliveries. The babies are's me that has the issues. So, because of that, my midwife and I decided to keep a check on certain things.

Our BIG ultrasound is on April 10th, but I knew that if there was a chance of finding out today, we probably would. They look out for me over there ;)

Unfortunately, Jeremy couldn't come to the appointment today, so I was on the fence about whether I wanted to know or not. Of course, I couldn't he asked me to call him if I found out anything.

As soon as I went back, the ultrasound tech said she was pretty sure we would be able to find out today. We chit-chatted amongst weight-check (yuck) and blood pressure check. I told her I was leaning toward this one being a boy because there hadn't been anything very different with this pregnancy. And really...I don't have much else to compare it, with it all being similar, I figured it was a good assumption. And let's be honest....I'm a little terrified of having a girl, so I was hoping for the familiar.

Well, as soon as she put the wand on my belly and got it situated, I saw it before she could get the words out.

It's a girl.

My exact words: "Oh, my, Lord."

Then I looked at her and said, "What am I going to do with a girl?"

Then I said, "I turned out alright. I guess I won't mess her up too badly."

Teaching middle-schoolers has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. The number one thing: hormones. #2: attitude. #3: impulsiveness. The list goes on and on, but I'll stop there. I butt heads most with my teenage girls. It is much easier for me to get through to the boys - most of the time. However, there are some girls that I have a wonderful relationship with. I know every parent has to face the teenage years. And I know Collen won't be a breeze during that time either. I guess...having been there myself...knowing everything a girl goes through....I just hope I can help her through those times in a way that is helpful and makes a positive, lasting impression.

I'm thrilled that we are adding another child. I'm thrilled that she is healthy and thriving. I'm getting used to the idea of a little girl. It's going to be brand new territory for me....especially if she's a girly girl. Boys are good for me because I was the tomboy...the one who loved sports and hated shopping (still do most of the time). There's some girly girl in me, though. It surfaces from time to time. I'm looking forward to a mother daughter relationship....and watching her become a daddy's girl.

God obviously knew she was just what we needed. With that, I find so much contentment and joy. After I made my phone calls/text messages, I kept having the feeling of, "There's someone I'm missing here." I knew immediately. The voice I hadn't heard, yet. My dad. I wanted so badly to tell my dad and hear him tell me how wonderful of a mother I would be to this little girl. To hear him gush over having a granddaughter - because I know how wonderful of a grandpa he would have been to her. I was blessed enough to have a father who was meant to have girls. That was obvious to anyone who saw him with us. Seeing him with my daughter would have been so incredibly special. Then I wondered if perhaps my dad had already met his granddaughter....had a hand in picking her for us - along with her big brother. I'm not sure what to believe when it comes to that, but it sure is a nice idea.

So, we embark on a new, exciting journey. A little girl. Whose name, by the way, is Charlotte Brooke. :)

Girl tips appreciated!


  1. Yay. Girls are fun too. and you won't need tips, it will just come natural. I'm sure of it.

  2. Beautiful name and congrats. I just love having a little girl but she is full of drama! Don't worry, you will be fine. I felt the same way about having a boy and so far I think I'm doing ok. But he's still a baby so it's not much different yet!

    Just be prepared for the innocent "you have one of each how perfect" comments. I get them all the time and it bothers me. People don't know, but no I don't have one of each and it's certainly not perfect when one of my kids isn't here on earth with us.

    The part about your dad got me teary eyed.....I like to think that he already met her as well.

  3. Congratulations!!! A little precious! I just became a new grandma to a little girl (Kate) almost two weeks ago.

    I'm sure you do miss sharing the news with your dad, but like you said, he probably did have a hand in this.

    I see lots of pink in your near future!

  4. Congratulations!! You're going to have so much fun :)

  5. To God be the Glory!
    YEAH!!!!! Congratulations! SO happy for y'all!!! Now you will have the best of both worlds :) I love the name Charlotte, it was on our list of names with Jack, but he turned out to be a boy.
    Congratulations again!
    God bless y'all, Kelley

  6. Congratulations on your baby girl! I have an 18 month old daughter, and I can tell you they are just so amazing. Isn't it such a wonder, finding out what God's carefully chosen plan is for your family? Two beautiful boys and a little princess.

  7. I know you are going to be wonderful parents to a daughter - just as you are to your sons. I too like to think your Dad and Ayden handpicked Charlotte Brooke for your family. I am smiling for you across the ocean.
    An English Grandma xx

  8. Awww that is wonderful! Congratulations. I am raising 2 quite independent girls ♥ It is awesome (& trying at times...)

  9. congrats on the little girl. and that is such a lovely name. i don't have many girl tips considering we are just 2 months into having our little girl. but i don't think you should worry. they just need lots of love (and i know you guys have LOTS of love to give), and the rest you will figure out.

  10. Daddies are completely different with their little girls! My husband always says he loves his boys, but man oh man does he love his little girl. It's the same amount of love, but different with a girl. Little girls are so much fun with all the cute outfits. And to have a protective big brother! You'll do great!

  11. Bows, pink, baby dolls, dresses, all girl stuff - get it and use it, they outgrow these things early. Enjoy the girl stuff when you can and as long as you can :)It's fun, just like the little boy things are fun with your little guy! Enjoy all things girl!
    Yesterday my girls told me they don't like bows anymore :(

    You are such an amazing mom, you will be fantastic with Charlotte. Girl stuff will all come naturally!'all!!!
    Blessings, Kelley

  12. Aw, Congratulations on your little lady! Her name is beautiful! I know you may feel a little scared about a girl right now, but as soon as she is in your arms, you will have a bond with her that will surpass all of the confusion and questions. Congrats again! God Bless!

  13. Girls are awesome! You'll always having a shopping buddy. :)

  14. yaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! so excited for a healthy baby! a girl is a blessing. and a trip! buy stock in tylenol ... NOW. :) i like to think that my babies and grandparents (and aunts/uncles/cousins) in heaven have a hand in sending down my little ones too. prayers for your heart too.... girls really are a sweet blessing (my boys are too).

  15. Congrats on the girl mama!! I have an 18 month old girl and let me tell you, she is one VERY HIGH. Needs little lady. I am in trouble come later years, I know it. Ha. And I'm a single mama. But girls are OH SO MUCH FUN. I am opposite, if I had a boy I wouldn't know what to do with him ha. But I would surely love the heck out of him! My sister had a boy two weeks before I had Sadie. I tell you it couldn't have been planned better. I couldn't see my sister with a girl and vice versa, but I would have been overjoyed with any sex as long as they were healthy! When are you due?

  16. I have no girl tips, as I only have boys in my family. But a little girl WOULD be fun. Congrats!

  17. Congrats....this tip is for down the road aways....I remember this like it was yesterday...I took my stepdaughter Ashley shoe shopping for summer shoes...I found the CUTEST (or what I thought were the cutest) brown sandals EVER! She found these white UGLY things. Well it happened to be BOGO 1/2 off so I agreed to let her get both pair. BIG MISTAKE! The white sandals...she wore them out! The brown sandals...still looked brand new when I gave them away. She was five at the time. She is now almost 17 and I have never bought her shoes again that I thought were cute! Hahahaha! Best wishes and have fun with the pink! There is SO MUCH more stuff for girls as there are for boys as you know. :)

  18. Congrats on a precious little girl and she has a beautiful name! I'm kinda like you but the opposite side! I have all girls and I really wouldn't know what to do w/ a boy! I'm carrying our 5th girl! lol

    I just love being a mother to girls. ♥