Update on #3

As of today, I am 13 weeks along with #3. So far, I've had the usual 1st trimester symptoms. My nausea has gotten much better. It still comes and goes, but not half as bad as it did. It hasn't been any different than my 1st trimester with both Ayden and Collen. Although, with Collen, I remember the nausea being a bit worse.

This little one's heart rate is staying around 160ish, and he/she is measuring exactly on schedule. This pregnancy reminds me so, so much of my pregnancy with Ayden. Ayden was so laid back; his pregnancy was very easy. Collen wasn't a tough pregnancy, but he was different in the womb. His heart rate stayed in the 140s - 150s, and he was always very active. When I saw this little one on the 1st trimester screening ultrasound, it was like seeing Ayden all over again. He/she was very still....just hanging out while the tech was measuring. Ayden was the exact same way. Collen was jumping all over the place when I saw him at the same appointment! :) We'll see if this one continues to stay similar to big brother.

In other news in the Jones household.....one member of our little family has experienced a huge transformation! You have all met Sinatra, our fat cat. Well, Sinatra needed some grooming done...badly! I am usually very good about staying on top of his grooming...brushing him and cutting out mattes (he has longer hair). Normally, he is pretty compliant, but lately, his hair has just gotten out of control. I've done my best with it, but it was beyond what I trusted myself wish. And I sure wasn't about to put that 23lb cat in a bath tub. So, we got him set up with a different vet (we hadn't taken him to ours in about 2 years because each time we did, they would barely work with him because he was so skiddish. So, we would just get lectured about his weight....yeah...we know he's fat. We only feed him 1/2 cup of food a day....and we can't make the cat exercise), got him updated on his shots, and we scheduled a grooming session for him. Because of his nature (he tends to bite when agitated), we chose to have him sedated for the grooming. This was a good choice because he needed to be bathed and then shaved to get out the mattes. He was none too happy when he woke up, but I bet it feels better for him to have his skin breathe!

Here is Sinatra before:

Beautiful coat of silky, thick (shedding) hair

And here is Sinatra after the shave:

It took him a little while to get his balance. I think the sedation - and the fact that half his tail was shaved - threw him off kilter. He looks so cute; although, I'm pretty sure his ego isn't liking it too much. He keeps looking at me like, "Why did you do this to me? I am so embarrassed! My rolls are showing!" He's been pretty out of it since yesterday, but he is eating and drinking, so I know he's okay. The grooming and shave was pretty reasonable in price, so I think this is something we will continue to do. He is not able to clean himself like he should, and with 2 little ones soon-to-be running around, I know I won't be able to tackle it like I used to.

Have any of you ever had your cat shaved?? This was certainly a first for us!


  1. Haha, I can't help but laugh at those pictures, so cute! I know of a lot of cats that have been shaved, they did fine every time.

    SO glad to hear things are going well with baby #3!!! SO glad to see an update from you because I've had you on my mind.

    In Christ, Kelley

    1. Thank you :) you are in my thoughts often as well. Hope you are all well. I try to keep up with all the goings on. :) thank you for your sweet messages.

  2. Hooray for 13 weeks!!

    Seriously, I laughed when you wrote, "You can't make a cat exercise."

    Oh...but the fun images I have imagining you trying!!!!

    Know you are gearing up for spring break, but can't wait for summer...we have to get together!!!

  3. I had no clue..I am so behind on all of this! Congratulations! I am so very happy for you!!

  4. My sister is a vet tech and her cat Cali was overweight too. She cut down Cali's food but it didn't seem to help. They tested her and found out that she had a slow metabolism and needed medication. Might be a thyroid thing too that was the case with our dog gaining and not loosing weight... Good luck! We also had to shave Cali. :) Poor little kitties! They get so embarrassed!