36 Week Update

As my pregnancy has progressed, I've never really felt "pregnant". Now, this is my first pregnancy, so I never really had a good frame of reference, but still....I had heard friends and co-workers talk about how miserable they were....how tired...how uncomfortable....and I haven't felt that way once. :) At 36 weeks, I've sort of been expecting to feel "pregnant" any day, but it seems to be a gradual process. I'm just so thrilled to have this little life inside of me and to know that this experience is between him and me....no one else can feel him like I can....no one else can bond with him like I can....and that seems to be my main focus instead of my current physical state. :) (My physical state, by the way, grows larger every day.....haha!)

I went to my 36-week checkup today. From now on I will go once a week - crazy!! I had to have the strep test and had to do the HIV test again...(which was just weird, but thank God I know the results to that one....) The midwife also checked to see if I was dilated or effaced. I am 50% effaced but not dilated. I didn't know what this meant as far progression towards actual labor, so I looked it up...and it was I expected - I can be 50% effaced for quite some time, so I'm not expecting him to be in a hurry. My sister and I were both born early, so we'll see if he decides to follow suit.

I think my weight gain is trying to compensate for 8 months of little weight gain because every time I go back for appointments, I've gained a lot more than I expected. I've decided it's all fluid, though. By the end of each night, my ankles are about triple their usual size...and that fluid has to pull some weight with it, so that's my stance - all fluid - it's not me. :P

Well, I go back next week...so we'll see how it goes and if things get exciting between now and then. My Braxton Hicks contractions have been coming a little more regularly than usual, which they say is normal towards the end. So far, everything has been normal, easy, and routine....hoping it stays that way. :)

OH - and we did the prenatal tour at the hospital. Trying to decide if I want Ayden to room-in with me at all times or if I want him to be in the nursery so I can get rest. We'll see....

Well, y'all have a great week!! I'm thanking God every day for such prayerful friends and family. I believe those prayers and God's grace has gotten us through such an uncomplicated, easy pregnancy. :) We're truly blessed.

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  1. I haven't felt "pregnant" either! I guess it's a state of mind. And I agree with you about the weigh gain and the fluid. It can't be you..... :) I actually lost 2 pounds since our last check-up. I wasn't trying to, and my consumption of Oreos has increased dramatically so I don't know what's going on there.
    David and I want to go on the tour @ the hospital. Did you have to make an appointment or just show up? I know when they are, but not where. I should call....