....there just isn't enough.  I bet those of you who read my blog...or used to...are wondering where in the world I have been.

Alas, I've been here....just with very little time to actually sit down and put a thought together.

A lot has been going on around here.  A new job for me starting in January and other possibilities as well for our family....yet to be determined, though.

The kids are great!  Growing like crazy.  Charlotte continues to be the sweetest baby I've ever known.  I absolutely adore that baby girl!  Collen is acting more and more 2 with each passing day.  He is so, so smart and sweet and such a boy.  He wants to be independent...but tends to get in trouble when he exerts this independence.  It continues to be a learning experience for us all.

There is much, much more to update you on, but it is Christmas Eve and midnight, so I must head to bed.  I promise to be better about updating.  Look for a new post soon!

Merry Christmas to you all, and I pray you all have a safe, wonderful, Happy New Year!

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