"Christmas" Movies

I think everyone has their list of movies that are their "must-sees" for Christmas. I thought it would be fun to share mine with you. Comment with your must-see Christmas favorites!

1. Meet Me in St. Louis - starring the incredible Judy Garland. This is my #1 must-see! I try to watch it every year on Christmas Eve. It puts me in the ultimate Christmas Spirit. Beautiful movie....one of my all-time favorites!

2. The Family Stone - I watched this one early this year because I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it at Christmas time this year. I love this movie for so many reasons! Mostly because I love Claire Danes, Diane Keaton, and Dermot Mulrooney! :)

3. Elf - This is one I have to watch while wrapping gifts. Never gets old!

4. A Christmas Story - We don't have cable anymore, so I never get to see the 24 hour marathon! haha, but I do manage to catch glimpses while we're visiting family. Fa ra ra ra ra!

5. Lord of the Rings Trilogy - According to my sister, these are "Christmas" movies. Every year for the past few years, we have bunkered down and watched the trilogy together. Last year, (I believe) my sister, myself, and my dad attempted to watch all 3 together. It never happens because one of us always fell asleep, but we shared a common bond with these movies. We love them and enjoy breaking them out at Christmas!

6. The Nativity Story - Let's not forget the reason for the season! I love this movie, and it will become a movie we watch together each year at Christmas to remind us of the true reason we celebrate not just at Christmas, but throughout the entire year. Celebrate the birth of Christ and the sacrifice He made for us!

What are your must-see Christmas movies?


  1. I love Elf and A Christmas Story! I also like Christmas Vacation.

  2. I love A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and I really like the old cartoons, like Frosty The Snowman!
    Merry Christmas, Kelley

  3. 'A Christmas Story' is number one in my eyes. "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" is next, followed by (in no order):

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (claymation version)
    Home Alone
    Home Alone 2
    Die Hard (yes, it's a Christmas movie), just check out my blog to see why it is.

    Mainly the first two, though. There's no way I'll miss watching those two movies, especially now that I have them on Blu Ray.

  4. I have so many favorites, but two news ones I watched this year were really good. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0772176/ (Christmas Story) and The Angel Doll. Both would probably be hard for you to watch :(
    My favorite one that I remember watching with my dad when I was much younger and recently found due to the internet was The House Without a Christmas Tree. (Also another one that may be hard for you to watch!).

    Today I'm going to do nothing but watch old Christmas movies.

    You've had a terrible year and I know it will be extra tough without your dad. I pray you find happiness today and can remember Ayden and your dad with a smile through your tears. Merry Christmas to you and your family.