Oh boy, 16 months is such a fun age! Collen has quite the personality, and he seems to do something new every single day!

We are loving watching his personality blossom. He is quite the social butterfly. He loves to say, "Hey!" to people and "Bye Bye" when they leave. He will repeat almost anything you try to get him to say. He is very verbal....really "talkative" - although it comes out as jibberish most of the time.

He is saying so many things:

"Melmo" - Elmo
Da Da
NaNa - which is banana and NaNa (Jeremy's mom)
Yuck - "uck"
Truck -"uck"
Sock - "ock"
Shoes - "oosh"
Octopus - "Pus"
Football - "butt-ball"
And all sorts of animal sounds!!

He says even more than these, but I can't remember them all!

I need to get some updated pictures on here for you guys to see. I take so many pictures on my phone...I really need to start using my camera again.

I am enjoying watching him learn and finding out what interests him. He still LOVES books. He now really enjoys puzzles and riding on his cars. He also enjoys his Sesame Street playset he got for Christmas. Anything that is hand-held, like a figurine or a toy car...he loves! He has also, just recently, become interested in coloring. He doesn't quite have the attention span for it, yet, but he will sit and color for a little while (supervised of course....we don't leave him unattended for very long at all!! He gets into mischief pretty easily!). He has also taken an interest in watching particular tv shows - namely Sesame Street/Elmo's World. He also enjoys the Winnie the Pooh movie and Curious George.

This week, we have noticed a huge change in his sleeping patterns. Over our Christmas break, he slept all night long... 8:30 - 6:30 in his crib, and then he would move over to our bed to finish out the last 2 hours. It was heavenly!! Now that we have gone back to work and back to our routine, he hasn't slept well at all. I don't know if it's the change in routine again (he slept fine with this routine before) or teething or a new phase of separation anxiety. Whatever it is...it has us all exhausted. He is waking up at night (usually about 3 hours after we put him to bed) just screaming and inconsolable! We considered night terrors, but he is soothable once we hold him. But once we go to put him back in the crib, he's screeching and screaming so loud!! He sounds terrified!! And we don't have the heart to leave him in his crib crying like that. So, we let him sleep with us. We know this is bad practice, but we have to get some sleep!! This has gone on for the last week with no end in sight. Tonight, he wouldn't even go down as he normally does. I watched Jeremy (on the monitor) trying to lay him in the crib, and he just cried and cried. Eventually, Jeremy took the matress out of his crib and put it on the floor so he could lay next to him (I had almost done this the other night...). I'm watching now and it seems Jeremy has fallen asleep...haha. Anyway, I'm wondering if we should convert his crib to a bed and see how that goes. Since he likes our bed so much...I'm thinking it may make him feel more comfortable?

Never a dull moment, huh?


  1. I don't comment often but I wanted to say that my son went from being a great sleeper to freaking out in the crib at 15 months. I converted his crib to a toddler bed and he went back to being a great sleeper. Lots of people will say that it is too young for a toddler bed, but if works and they sleep, then why not!? Good luck! :)

  2. My kids have never been good sleepers, we eventually caved in and they have slept with us over the years. Jack still does, and to be honest, I love it. I know one day he will be grown so I'm just enjoying things like this right now. You have to find what works for y'all, everyone is different. They have the CUTEST toddler beds out right now!
    God bless you. You and your precious family is in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Kelley

  3. Stopping by to say hello and let you know you are thought of and prayed for!!!
    Love, Kelley