The "perfect" family

Ever since we found out we are having a girl this time around, the #1 comment I get from people is, "Oh, a boy and a girl! The perfect family!"

Since when was having a boy and a girl the ideal family?  It just perplexes me when people say that.  I know they mean well, and I don't take offense to it.  However, it still stings a bit.  "Perfect" to our family would obviously be a 3 and 2 year old little boys and a newborn baby sister....along with a 59 year old "PaPa" laughing and transferring so much wisdom and joy to the lives of his grandchildren.

I guess because I only have a sister, I never really thought about this so-called perfection that comes from having a boy and a girl.  Just seems like a weird notion to me....maybe I'm reading too far into it.  :/


Anyway, I know I have been awol lately.  Things here have not slowed down all summer.  I've been doing my best to soak up every second with Collen since this will be out last summer....just he and I.  We've had a lot of fun. :)  Tomorrow is our last day together before I go back to work on Friday.  Sad does not even begin to describe how I feel about that.  :(  But, soon enough we will be home again with a little sister to spoil and love on.

Speaking of....

...we have an induction date set for Sept. 4.  Charlotte will likely be here before that - I'm suspecting the weekend of Labor Day.  I tend to go 7-10 days early, and that leads us to that weekend.  If she doesn't come before the 4th though, that will be her official birthday.  My doctor didn't want me to go completely full term because of the 2 vessel cord.  I asked her if there were any concerns with inducing a 2 vc baby, and she said she thought we would be fine.  If the 2 vc was inevitable, I'm glad it came with our 3rd child.  My labor is likely to be pretty short - lasting 12 hours at the longest (that's how long Collen's was....after Ayden's 36 hour labor!!).  So, my fears of her going into distress due to labor are lowering thanks to the odds being in our favor.  I'm praying we don't have to induce....because that means pitocin, which I was hoping to avoid.  I am hoping to avoid all meds entirely - except for maybe some IV pain meds.  I want to do this one without an epidural, and I feel like I can.  My epidural didn't take with Collen, and while it was was not unbearable.  I liked that I could follow my body's cues...knowing when to push and being able to anticipate contractions.  We'll see though...just have to see how it all pans out.

We've been working hard on getting her room ready and such.  Our summer projects are finally dwindling.  The deck is 98% finished; her room is cleared out...just need to finish painting; we got a daybed for her room for my mom when she stays over...have to finish painting it and put it together; Collen is all set with a big boy room...complete with a big boy bed; the fence is in the process of being replaced; Collen's 2nd birthday party (this weekend!) has been planned and prepared for...just have to make it to Saturday to get it all together; I have a sub in place and am set to be out for 8 weeks; and now that football season has started, I'm trying to wrap my mind around doing it all by myself (pretty much) with a 2 year old and a newborn.  Jeremy's first day back to work was today.  Now we face the long days and nights of football season with Daddy leaving before Collen gets up and getting home after he has gone to bed....every day.  I hate it for Jeremy because of the time he misses with Collen.  He literally only sees him on the weekends.  If he sees him during the week, it might be for a total of an hour.  :(   SO tough.

Well, that's my update for now.  I would say there isn't much going on around here, but that's not true at all.  I guess it just isn't all that interesting right now, but boy is it about to be!

Less than 3 weeks and I will be introducing Charlotte Brooke to all of you. :)  Thank you of your continued prayers!


  1. Just a thought about the epidural. I had two VBACs and my epidural wore off on my first two labors. With my second VBAC(third labor) I was considering going with no epidural, but then I remembered that with my second labor they asked to place the epidural a bit early (very prolonged labor after water broke) so that it would be in place in case they had to move quickly to do a repeat c-section. If it hadn't been placed and I had an emergency c-section I would have had to be knocked out. I hated the thought of that, so I decided to have the epidural with my third too. Thankfully I had successful VBACs! Anyway, I'm certainly not pushing an epidural because I firmly believe that's YOUR choice. It was just a thought I wanted to pass along because of what you've said about her 2 vessel cord. You are the expert, not me. Can't wait to see pics of the new baby!

  2. wow, so close. i look forward to her arrival (i'm sure you do too).

    people really can say the most thoughtless things sometimes. :(

  3. That comment bothered me so much also. I was fine with having 2 girls! Then my second daughter died, and we had a boy. Everyone would say how nice it was to have one of each, but that comment was like nails on a chalkboard. It made me feel like people thought it was "better" that my daughter died so we could have a son, or that it's "better" to have one of each than two girls. Perfect is when all your kids live, right :) Good luck on the delivery.....I can't wait to hear of her arrival! Love her name :)

  4. I can't wait to see photos of that sweet little girl! And about what people say, I would like to think they mean well. I don't think people mean anything by it. It's so hard to say everything just perfectly to everyone all the time. Even if you try. It's hard for us to hear the "wrong" thing, but sometimes people speak before they think, I know I've been guilty of that so many times in my life. But didn't mean to.
    I so wish your wonderful father and Ayden were here with y'all too.
    God bless, Kelley

  5. So excited for you, and look forward to you posting more. You may have your hands full, so longer breaks from writing are certainly warranted!