One day

If nothing happens between now and Tuesday, we will meet Miss Charlotte in a little over a day!  I am set to be induced Tuesday bright and early.  I thought for sure that she would be here by now (I'm at 2cm with my 3rd baby....I thought it would go a lot quicker this time around!), but she continues to defy all odds and prior history.  And by defying the odds....she has not been the "typical" 2-vessel cord baby.  She has continued to grow at a great rate...always above 50%.  She has gained weight, and is probably going to be around 7.5 pounds at birth (which is small for our big babies, but still a good weight).  She has gone (or will have, by Tuesday...Ayden was 38 weeks and 6 days. I will be 39 weeks Tuesday) longer in the womb than her brothers, when most 2-vessel babies tend to be born earlier.  I continue to have plenty of fluid and no growth restriction. Her heart and kidneys look perfect! I'm thankful that she has defied the odds.  However, fear still seeps into my mind.  I'm terrified of something happening at the last minute.  I welcome labor and have been praying for it to come before Tuesday because I'm worried that induction could put her into distress.  However, I trust my doctor and midwife 100%, and in asking my doctor if there should be any cause for concern with the induction, she assured me that everything would be fine.  And if something were to go wrong, I know that she would get Charlotte out as quickly as possible.  One thing I know about my doctor and midwife....they are going to take care of us....and be especially sure that they do everything in their power to make sure our babies are okay.  

I know that God has a special purpose for this little girl, and that she will come in His time (well...with a little help from a scheduled induction, but I know that even that isn't a coincidence if it is meant to be).  I continue to pray for health and a long life for her and most importantly God's blessing over her life.  I know that I have to trust that she is in His hands and His care.  He has carried me through the worst, and while I know I'm not immune from that happening again, I do my best to continue to trust Him through it all.  

I have had a lot of pain this time around.  Whew...makes me feel like the almost-30 that I am! haha  This will be my 3rd delivery in 4 years.  My body is feeling it....oh, definitely feeling it.  Walking has been a huge problem over the past 3 weeks.  Once I hit 37 weeks and she began dropping, my hips have been all out of whack.  With the boys, I didn't do the pregnant waddle.  With this little girl, I waddle..shuffle...limp....all at the same time.  I pulled a muscle in my belly/upper abdomen, so leaning forward becomes excruciating if I do it too much.  Walking is difficult because of all the pain in my hips and joints.  Then on top of that, I woke up a week ago with a crick in my neck, and it's still hanging around.  BUT....I have welcomed it and endured it all with a smile on my face.  If I have to go through this little bit of pain to have a healthy baby, bring it on.  I've faced much worse; this is nothing. It is quite humorous, though.  People just look at me with such pity these days....and I just keep smiling. :)

The good thing has been that I was able to make it through my first week of school with my students.  I'm glad I was able to get to know them and put names with faces.  I'm hoping I remember all the names when I get back in October/November!  I think I have all of them down with the exception of a few.  One of my few talents as a teacher - remember names.  I pride myself on knowing all of their names by the end of the first week.  Let's see how good my memory is!  I have a wonderful sub coming in for me.  He is not an English teacher, but he is a retired History teacher - and I've always said that History and Literature go hand-in-hand.  He is a bit nervous, but I've assured him that I've left him with solid plans and more than enough work for the students to do.  He was my top choice because I know he won't let them get away with anything.  So, if nothing else, I will come back to a structured, organized, disciplined class - and that is most important with returning mid-semester. one more day, I will be sure to post pictures of our little lady.  It still isn't real to me.  I still have to remind myself that we're about to bring another baby home.  What a blessing....a huge, beautiful, awesome blessing.  One that I don't, and won't, take for granted for a single second.  I can't wait to see what joy Charlotte will bring to our lives.  I can't even begin to imagine it!  God is good.  So, so good.


  1. So excited for you Lindsay. Will be thinking about you all day tomorrow.

  2. Checking, continuously checking, and praying for all of you.

  3. Excited to hear good news! A faithful reader and prayer warrier!!