Every moment of every day is consumed these days.  I survived my first week at home by myself with 2 kids.  It was surprisingly easier than I expected it to be.  The first day, my goal was to get everyone fed, dressed, and for everyone (including me!) to get a nap.  I accomplished my goal and felt like Super Mom!  From that day, I've tried to do a little more each day.  I'm learning that if I want to clean, I'll have to do a little at the time, so I do a little bit of something every day.  I now do laundry every single day!  Laundry used to be a weekend chore, but with 4 people in the house, it builds up quickly!

I'm learning a lot about balancing my time and attention between 3 other people.  I don't know how many unfinished conversations I've had, re-warmed meals, forgotten meals, long overdue bathroom trips, showers at 10pm, etc.  Thank God for maternity leave and the ability to try to gain back some semblance of "normal."

To sum up everything that's been going on (and because I'm too tired to really elaborate - it's almost midnight, and I should be sleeping) the rest of this will be a run down of what has been going on with us Joneses.

- Collen is 2 and showing it.  It is a big challenge for me, and I'm trying to figure out how to handle it.

- I'm tired.  All the time.

- Football season is in full swing, so Jeremy doesn't get home most nights until after the kids are in bed. So meals, baths, diapers, clean up, bed time....all me.  Hence the reason I am tired.

- Charlotte has slept through the night twice. (6-7 hour stretches)

- I probably just jinxed myself.

- My sister turned 28 yesterday, and it was our last of the "firsts" without my Dad.  I shed my share of tears missing him yesterday.  It just still doesn't seem real....still very, very hard.

- I go back to work in 4 weeks. :(

- Collen is talking A LOT and talking very well.  He will repeat anything you say.  Our favorite right now is, "Don't patronize me!"  He talks all the time - literally, all day long!

- Charlotte turned one month old yesterday.  Here are her stats:

9lbs 13 oz (up from 6lbs 12oz - lowest weight)
21.25 inches (up from 20)
head: 38cm (up from 35)

She is in the 75th percentile all around, so she is proportional. :)

Now that Charlotte is awake more, she is having fussy periods.  Late afternoon...6ish...is usually her fussiest time.  She will nurse, nurse, nurse...cry...nurse...cry...nurse.  I've figured out that she wants to go to sleep, but I guess she gets frustrated with milk coming into mouth when she just wants to sleep.  She has come to rely on a paci to get her to sleep in those moments.  When she cries, it's either because she's hungry or she's tired.  She is easy-going and content most of the time - just a good, good baby.

And because you didn't come here to read...I know you want to see some updated pictures.  Here you go.  Enjoy:

Bath time!

Wearing one of my outfits.  This one is 29 years old and looked so precious on her!

We have a picture of Jeremy with each of the kids just like this!

Happy 28th birthday to my sister!

One month old!

Beautiful lady

I asked Collen to put his plate in the sink after breakfast.  I found this
that night when we went to brush teeth.  Silly boy!

I braved the playground with both kids.  We survived and had a lot of fun.

Sweet, cute, funny boy!


  1. I promise it does even out over time:-) Plus, we have learned that sleep is totally overrated....just kidding! Rest, girl! Everything else will come in due time:-) Love ya!

  2. Hey! Things will even out soon:-) Besides, sleep is so overrated....just kidding! Rest and don't worry about the unimportant stuff. You know my motto is " If you don't like the shape of my house, I will be glad to show you where the broom and mop are located!"Love you and c wasn't wait to see you!