Charlotte is 6 months old!

Charlotte turned 6 months old March 4th!

She continues to be our breath of fresh air....just a sweet, beautiful joy.  It amazes me how each child can bring something perfect to the family unit...the one thing that was missing but you never knew it was missing until it was here.  You follow me on that?  She was missing....and I never even knew it.  I was okay to just have Collen.  After losing Ayden, Collen had fulfilled me in ways I never expected!  I had another boy....I had that mother/child connection again.  I had a future to look forward to. I was okay to be a mom of boys and leave it at that.  But God said, "Oh, no....y'all thought y'all had seen My work in your boys. You just wait until you meet this baby girl I have for you."  She continues to be our beautiful, precious, most wonderful surprise.

And look what I finally got around to doing.....6 months after she was born.

I had realized that I hadn't done a birth announcement for Miss Charlotte.  Mommy of the year, I tell ya.  Since 6 months had passed I wondered if it was even in good taste to do one, but I did one for Ayden and for Collen, so it just would not be fair to our little Miss if we didn't do one.  So, I put one together and just love it.  Now, I just have to get them in the mail.  Hopefully that won't take another 6 months to complete.

At her 6 month check up:

Charlotte weighed 15 lbs 8 oz (50%) and is 26.75 inches long (90%).  So, she is tall and skinny!  I hope she stays that way because she sure does not get that from me.  Sounds like a Grandpa Tyson or a Whitley trait to me.  She checked out healthy and happy and charmed the doctor through the entire visit.  He tested her sitting up skills and standing; he was impressed with both.  She's developing normally.  Normal is good.  I like normal. 

We have started her a few solids.  Started slow because she wasn't showing any interest at all.  She was, however, becoming much more restless at night, so I knew she needed something other than milk. Also because she has her first tooth!  So, we started small with rice cereal.  She hates it.  I moved on to bananas....surely she would love those. Nope. Not a fan.  So, I tried apples....gagged.  Carrots....those were okay but still not a favorite.  I went to my last resort - the one food that was my fail-safe with Collen - sweet potatoes.  She tolerates those, and last night even ate a helping with very little fuss. We're getting there, and she is sleeping much better.

Speaking of sleeping.  This is what we do every night.  She still sleeps in our room.  Mainly because her room still needs to be finished - little things, really.  We need another video monitor and just haven't been able to get/afford one.  However, I know it isn't just that.  I'm not ready for her to be out of our room.  Collen was in our room for his first year.  I just  need to be able to open my eyes and look directly at her...touch her...make sure she's okay.  So, in our room she stays until the right moment comes.

Pretty sure I've posted this one already, but I just had to post it again.  She was just too precious in that dress and headband!  She sure does love her Mommy!

So hard to believe she is 6 months old, but at the same time, it feels like she's been with us so much longer.  I guess because she has least with me. :)

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful, sweet, dainty blessing-of-a-little-girl.  My heart didn't know it could love another child this deeply.  So blessed to know what it is to be a mother - to carry a life (3 lives to be exact) and be a part of my/your child's entrance into the world.  May the number of her days be many and may she live to know you and know how deeply and wholly she is loved.


  1. Awww, she is SO beautiful and getting so big :) All 3 of your kids look so much alike! Glad to see new pictures of that sweet little Charlotte!
    God bless- Kelley

  2. She is SO pretty!!! All of your kids look so much alike;))