Potty Training

Last week - Wednesdayish? I dropped Collen and Charlotte off at the babysitter's house just like I do every morning.  The babysitter had gotten a potty for Collen to use because he has been showing some interest at home and would use it sporadically.  However, he would never go on his own or follow cues.  He had gotten to the point, though, where he was conscious of when he needed to go and would tell us, but would go in his diaper before getting to the potty.  The babysitter introduced the new potty to him, but he didn't seem too interested.  I think because it was a different potty.  So, he showed it to me and I made a huge deal about it - such a cool potty!  The morning I dropped him off I left him with, "You can use the froggy potty whenever you want to, buddy!  Use the potty and you get to put stickers on your chart!"  Apparently, all he needed was my permission.  The boy went to the potty and stayed dry all day.  This followed us home where he stayed dry all night!  We were amazed and so very, very proud.  We had made it a point not to push him.  Collen does not do well with pushing.  It has to be his idea and in his time.  Since that day, he has continued to use the potty...sometimes even all by himself.  On Saturday, we had a little set back.  Not sure why....he just didn't want to go.  But on Sunday, he was back to using the potty like a champ - even used a foreign potty - the kiddy one in his Sunday School classroom.

Collen loves Daniel Tiger, and we have made a point of singing the potty song from DT around the house - even before he started showing an interest.  It has become engrained in his memory.  Such a cute song with great reminder of the pottying process!

So proud of Collen!!

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