160 bpm!!

For weeks now, people have been telling me how incredible it is to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. So, I had been looking forward to the day with anxiousness and apprehension. I had gone through every possible scenario in my head...preparing myself not to hear the heartbeat. Yes, I also stayed positive at times and prepared myself to hear the heartbeat. However, I had resolved myself not to get too excited UNTIL I heard the heartbeat. I know I've sort of wasted 12 weeks being worried, but I'm allowed to! I'm the one carrying the child...nurturing it....taking care of it...of course I'm going to worry!

Anyway, when we got ready to hear the heartbeat, I was so sure it would there. I wasn't worried at all. The midwife searched around and we kept hearing my heartbeat. So, she kept searching around, and then....there it was! It was the most beautiful, sweetest sound I've ever heard in my life. I keep trying to relive the moment in my mind since it happened. The baby's heart rate was at 160, which even I knew was really good. :) I couldn't see Jeremy while all of this was happening, but he assured me that he had a big smile on his face.

The midwife showed us what the baby looks like now and then showed us what it would look like 4 weeks from now. It's going to almost triple in size...in 4 weeks!! How awesome is that!! Everything is formed now....baby just has to get bigger at this point. I feel like I should have more questions to ask when I got to see the midwife, but I stay pretty up to date on what's going on with me and the baby through reading and researching (daily...I'm a little obsessive).

Well, thanks for letting me share the great news with you guys! Keep us and the little peanut in your prayers!! I go back at 16 weeks...so about 4 more weeks. Then, I go back 2 weeks after that to find out what it is!!! :) Yay!! This baby will be here before we know it. 6 months to go...

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