Childcare, Insurance, and Maternity Clothes...oh my.

Lately, friends have been telling me that I NEED to get on waiting lists for childcare....that being on one at least a year in advance is ideal. Umm...I didn't even know I was pregnant at the "one year before" mark. Anyway, that's been stressing me out because I don't know where to look for one....and two, I don't want to just settle. I don't have time to really go searching around staking out places. So, I'm calling around and trying to get on as many waiting lists as possible. ONE possibility has come up though. A lady I worked with last year - great Christian woman - has a sister-in-law who has an in-home day care - small and in a Christian household. She's going to talk to her and see if she has any openings. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping she will work out and will have a decent price. These other places I've looked at are like...$140 - $190 per WEEK. We don't have that kind of money at, you can see my issue here. Anyway, please pray that this will work itself out. The whole idea is just daunting to me...and I tend to procrastinate in these situations.

As I was searching around for childcare, the thought of insurance came to mind, which freaked me out even more. I started spazzing, thinking, "How much is going to come out of my check?" "Were we crazy!! We don't have the money for this!! What were we thinking?!" No...I'm not regretting at all. I'm overjoyed that this child is coming into our lives. However, it is overwhelming to think about all that it takes to provide for this child. Why in the world did we choose the education field!!! I mean...job security is great and all....but gosh...there's no money in it. hehe

So, went shopping for maternity clothes. haha HILARIOUS experience. I'm learning that I'm not going to be good at shopping for these clothes until I can actually wear them. I'm not showing at all...but I didn't want to get caught off guard one day with clothes that don't fit. So, my parents took me to Target to get some dress pants and a top or two. I tried on the full panel pants just to was the funniest sight I have ever seen. These pants were pulled up to my throat (j/k) and way too big everywhere else (had to try on a size up...didn't have my size). Then, the tops were HUGE and way too long. I looked like a did not flatter me at all. I never realized how short/stocky I was until I tried this stuff on. I know it'll look better once I start showing. I didn't go with the full panel yet. Just got the shorter panel to grow into until I need the full panel. Funny stuff....hope it gets better.

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  1. I'm not sure what size you are, but the longer shirts are going to be GOOD when you get HUGE! Trust me, the ones that aren't long are going to be too short one day. Go to Motherhood, they have a fake belly you can try on with the clothes. Not sure what size you are but I have some clothes left, too. Some here that you can have and some for sale at Twice is Nice (consignment shop). Call me!

    As for the expenses, brace yourself. I just spent $185 for one month's worth of diapers and formula... and we are paying an average of $1000/mo for daycare. Ick. BUT it is SO worthwhile, I love my girls so much.

    I'll keep you in my prayers.