A few new milestones

This week marks 24 weeks. Things are still going well. I've only gained about 5 pounds, but I'm sure I'll be packing on more as Ayden continues to grow. He's supposed to gain about half a pound this week, so if he keeps that growth rate up, I'm sure I'll be gaining as well.

Jeremy FINALLY felt Ayden move. He was so excited! Ayden's been kind of shy since then though. He's gone back to kicking really low, so it's hard to feel from the outside. He's a little mover though. I wake up a lot at night (because I don't sleep well at all!!), and everytime I've woken up, he's always awake and moving around. We'll definitely have to work on that schedule once he's born!!

Last night, Ayden had the hiccups, which was such a cool feeling! At first I thought he was just being really consistent with his kicking because they were coming about 5 seconds apart, but then I realized that it felt too consistent for him....so I figured it had to be hiccups!

As far as work goes, this week is exam week, so it's pretty easy this week. Next week, we have a holiday and 2 work days before we start the new semester. I have an intern this year, so I'll only start the semester with 2 class (woo!). I'm keeping the Honors classes and I've given her the standard class. Most people think that's mean of me, but really....no new teacher will walk into a school and be given all honors classes. That's something I had be patient and work hard for, so I feel like she should be given a realistic experience. Keeping my standard class all semester is as realistic as she's going to have it. I think she'll do a great job. She's a little nervous now, but once she settles in, she'll be fine.

Jeremy and I had laminate wood flooring put down in our house in preparation for the baby. We have a cat and a dog, and the cat's hair (and other things) were just being contained in the carpet. We kept it clean, but taking up the carpet would make it even cleaner. The new floor looks great and is easy to take care of. I'm getting used to it - I do miss my carpet - but knowing it'll be cleaner and easier makes it worth it.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week!! That's all for now. Not much going on...

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  1. I think it's great you aren't giving her the best classes--you're right! Interns need to see the real world of education! :)