Happy Anniversary & Happy Father's Day

Unfortunately, these pictures are not in the most organized of order, but I'll caption as I go.

Jeremy and I celebrated 6 years of marriage on Saturday! Married for 6 years, and in September, we will have been together for 11 years! So hard to believe it has been that long. We have been through so much together....more than any couple could ever imagine they would face. And what I love about us is that we know each other so well....we don't have to speak to know what the other would say...do...think...in any given situation. We just know. I love that we have a friendship that keeps us laughing and silly. And we have a relationship that keeps us grounded. We know what we expect from ourselves in our marriage. We know the standards we set for ourselves on the day we said "I do." It has become second nature to always include each other in decisions....to discuss issues....to be forthright and communicate with each other about anything at all (that part has gotten easier as the years have passed). We aren't perfect by any means, but I think we're doing pretty good, if I say so myself! God has blessed us beyond belief. Losing Ayden was obviously our most diffcult moment, and our marriage grew stronger through it. It forced us on our knees and required us to lean on each other. So far, we have two beautiful boys thanks to these 6 years (11 years), and they are definitely our most prized possessions. Just talk to either one of us about Ayden and Collen....you'll see our eyes light up and shine at the mere mention of them. We've learned a lot about life...love...loss...and enduring through it all...growing stronger, together. I look forward to many, many more years!

This year was Jeremy's 3rd Father's Day. Last year, our second Mother's and Father's Day, was undoubtedly the most difficult year. The year before, Ayden had just been born. Our first parents' day celebrations, and we were over the moon in love with our new bundle of joy. Our lives had changed in an instant. The two of us...who were once a couple of kids in love...had become parents! And then, we faced every parent's nightmare. The next year marked all of the firsts....without Ayden...including Mother's Day and Father's Day. God had blessed us with another baby on the way, and on those days, we held tight to Collen....feeling every nudge and kick...believing God for His faithfulness and His promise to bless us and see us through the good and the bad. And now....we've celebrated our third Mother's Day and Father's Day. The days are certainly still bittersweet; they always will be. The child who made us parents is no longer here to celebrate with us. However, Collen - the child who reminds us daily to never, ever take a single second for granted....to lean on God even when you don't want to....to love with your whole heart even when it is the most terrifying thing you can imagine - he has made this 3rd year so incredibly special!

Jeremy is a wonderful dad. I always knew he would be. We met when we were 17, and as any typical girl does....I dreamed of marrying him and starting our family. And I wondered what kind of dad he would be. I watched him with kids, and he was a natural....always playful and joining in with their games. I sighed a huge sigh of relief, knowing he would be such a wonderful dad! And I was right! I've never seen Jeremy more complete than when he's holding one of his babies. He adores his sons, and I absolutely love watching him with them. Ayden and Collen are blessed little boys to call him their Daddy!

I have been blessed to have wonderful men in my life - my grandfathers, my dad, Jeremy's dad, my godfather (no picture of him...unfortunately. He passed away when I was 14), and Jeremy. I could extend that list out even more, but I'll keep it to the pictures I have....

This is my grandpa "Grandaddy" - He adores all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Ayden holds a very special place in his heart. And he absolutely adores Collen and the time he gets to spend with him. He has taught me the value of family and the importance of forgiveness. He is known for telling funny stories and passing down stories and funny sayings he learned from his parents and grandparents. He is best remembered for THE CLAW! Happy Father's Day Grandaddy!

This is my dad - Thurman. I love this picture of Daddy and Collen...so sweet.

Jeremy, holding Ayden soon after he was born. I'll never, ever forget the absolute joy of that moment.

Jeremy, holding Collen soon after he was born. Such relief filled that room the moment he made his appearance. Relief...joy...renewed faith...and so much love.

Jeremy likes to have face-to-face time with his boys. I love these pictures.

Jeremy and Ayden enjoying some eskimo kisses.

One of my all time favorite pictures of the two of them. Always brings me to tears.

Jeremy and Ayden - his first week of life. Jeremy couldn't hold him enough.

And this handsome guy is my dad! This was on my parents' wedding day in 1974. This my favorite picture of my dad....I just had to share. I was blessed with the most awesome dad a girl could ask for. He played with me and my sister, taught me how to play softball, taught me how to fish, encouraged every interest I had (even the weird ones), taught me to love Christ and to follow Him, and he showed me what a godly man should be and what to look for in a husband. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had the childhood that I had. I know how blessed I am, and I am forever grateful for all that my parents have done for me, my sister, and me and Jeremy. My dad was the rock of our family....the kind of spiritual leader, husband, and father that God intended for all of us to have.

Daddy and Ayden (and Tucker). He loves his grandsons so, so much. I've only known him as a dad. Now, seeing him as a grandpa, I'm seeing a whole different side of him. I respect his advice and his encouragement so much. I could write a whole post about my dad alone. I just hope I've made him as proud of me as I am of him.

And this is Jeremy's dad, Calvin, and Ayden. I couldn't find a picture of him with Collen (although, I know I have one somewhere!) Jeremy's dad is a hard-working, loving man. He is incredibly tender-hearted behind his manly-man exterior (he tries to be tough, but he ain't foolin' me! :) ) From day one, he welcomed me into their family with open arms....always treating me as if I was his own daughter. I love our heart-to-heart conversations - although they don't happen often because he is a big softie....and I can't stand to see those crocodile tears welling up in his eyes. Jeremy's dad loves his grandchildren so, so much. You can see it so clearly. He is the proud grandpa of 3 boys and soon-to-be a little girl (Jeremy's sister is pregnant...due in August), and they have him wrapped around his little finger.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful, beautiful men in my life. I love you all, and I am so incredibly proud of the examples and role models you are. I pray that we have many more Father's Day celebrations together!


  1. What a beatiful family that you have.

    God bless,


  2. Your dad's picture from 1974 looks like The Partridge Family.