Me time and bugs...

Yeah, I'm not well acquainted with the concept of "me time" these days. I don't mind it...I really don't. In fact, when I do happen to be away from Collen, I feel like I'm missing one of my limbs...I literally have to stop and gather my thoughts because I actually have time to slow my brain down.

The most time I've spent away from Collen has been 2 hours...maybe 3. And he has always been at our house, being kept by Jeremy, grandparents or Aunt Megan. Jeremy's only "guy time" with Collen has been spent at the house...because I have been hesitant about letting go and letting them venture out. I know...I'm too paranoid. But seriously...Jeremy AND Collen out on the road together...if something happened - that's my whole life...right there...gone. It's not realistic to think that way, though....just have to trust they'll be okay. So, today, I was desperately needing some "me time." I mentioned to Jeremy the other day that I would love to just be able to sit...alone...and be able to just think, watch a movie from beginning to end, and relax. (Even saying that triggers my "selfish" red flags, but I know everyone deserves me time...even ME.) Jeremy mentioned meeting a friend and his son for wings, so I sent them on their way, asking Jeremy to text me when they got there so I knew they were okay. I must have kissed Collen 20 times before they left....

I got myself ready (ready enough to go through a drive thru), and went to Bojangles. Came home, put in My Girl, and enjoyed a movie. It was nice to just sit....clear my head...and just be. My Girl, however, is not the best choice of movie for me...considering our situation....and right as the really hard part was coming up, Jeremy and Collen walked in. So, I stopped the movie and decided to save my "good cry" for another day.

I think we should schedule in weekly Mommy "me time." :)

In other Jones household news....we have bugs. And not just any bugs...roaches. grosses me out just to type that. Every time we see one, I say, "HOW did it get in here?!?! And don't tell me from outside!" Apparently, though, we might have a problem on our hands because Jeremy found baby ones today....YES babies!! All day, I have felt like bugs have been crawling all over me. It makes me feel so dirty. We are not dirty people, and our house is definitely clean....and we don't have much clutter, so it baffles me that they've chosen our house. We've called some bug people, and they're coming on Monday. I can't stand a bug, and I certainly can't stand a bug in my house! Tonight, no bug sightings....luckily. ugh.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. :) If you haven't....schedule yourself some me time and do your body and your mind some good.


  1. We had that problem also - same thoughts as you. We got this gel stuff from Lowes (its in a syringe) and squirted it around where we saw the babies and haven't had a problem since. Good luck!

  2. try diatomaceous earth, food grade if possible. It is a very silky non toxic powder. It sort of feels like corn starch. It is non-toxic to people and pets. If you put it in a shaker type dispenser and sprinkle it under and behind furniture and cabinets,it gets between their wings and dries them out and doesn't allow the egg sacs to stay attached. Gross explanation I know, but it is awesome stuff. I use it to dust my chickens and their coop since I am raising them organically. Good luck.