Mommy fail...

There are moments in parenthood that you try your best to avoid. As a mom, I am super cautious and overly times. I plan every moment of an outing in my head and do my best to make it go according to "plan."'re laughing...yes, it almost always doesn't go to plan.

And it never fails that when it seems like it is going too smoothly....a hiccup is about to present itself.

This brings me to this morning:

This story is retold in dramatic fashion as my speech and presentation were clear and calm, but my mind was frantic!!

We were up getting ready for work. Collen had slept in his crib all night long (waking up twice) and woke up in his crib at 7am. Wonderful start to a Monday morning!! It looked as if we were going to early/on time for once! Bags were packed, food was ready for daycare, baby was dressed, milk was ready to go. On our way out the door, I let Collen hold my keys since my hands were very full. I got everything in the car, got Collen into his seat; he still had the keys. I switched them out for his sippy cup and threw the keys into the front seat. Shut the door....walk over to the driver's side....and let out a long, "Nooooooooo!!!!" and then a few, "No! No! No! NOOOOOOO!!!" The keys...and Collen....were locked inside!!! On the outside, I appeared to be calm....on the inside, I was panicking and becoming irrational! I ran (and I don't run...) to my neighbor's house....who I've never met. I bang on their door....determined that they ARE going to answer....if it means I have to bang on every window, door, surface of the house!! They come to the door to find me standing there, blurting out, "Hi...I'm your neighbor...I've locked my keys in the car, and my son is in the car!! My phone is in there, too!! I need to call someone!!" They were very gracious and quick to respond...finding a number to a locksmith, which didn't work because they were closed. So, I called 911 and explained the situation....and quickly grew frustrated because I didn't understand why the year and model of my car mattered.....and why the age of my child mattered....and why I was left being told, "Someone will get there as soon as they can." WHAT?! I leave them with my neighbors' number and go back to my car to wait. At this point, Collen has realized that something isn't right. At first, he laughed me playing peek-a-boo with him, but then he became very upset that Mommy was outside and he was inside....and not understanding why mommy wasn't taking him out of the car. So, he soon became a crying mess...and I was trying my best not to join him and just remain calm for his sake. 15 minutes later, a sheriff arrived and got the doors unlocked. Collen was pretty much traumatized....poor thing. He sniffed all the way to daycare because of the hard crying he had been doing. :( And then he wasn't too happy when I dropped him off. Poor thing....such a rough morning for a Monday.

Lesson learned: Get a spare key for the car.



  1. I've been a follower for a while, but haven't commented in the past. However, I just had to with this story! I did the EXACT same thing last summer in the parking lot of a grocery store with my then 1 year old daughter. However, my daughter remained the strong one and I am the one that broke down in tears util an officer arrived a half an hour later! Thankfully neither of our children will remember!
    Oh, and btw, you have the cutest little boy! His little smile is absolutely adorable!!

  2. awwww. Sorry. Hope today is MUCH better for you. At least it wasn't super hot!

  3. " mommy normal "

    Sorry this happened to you and Collen. I did the same thing on a dark winter evening outside my older child's school: "parent of the year award" as I had to slink (frantically run) back into the school to borrow the phone to call for help....

  4. I used to work at CAA (equivalent of AAA), this happens all the time, it's not a mommy fail, it's just something that happens, to a lot of people!