I had one of those dreams last night that you wish to never wake from. My night had been filled with random dreams....random people and situations....and then I heard a familiar voice coming from "the next room.". It took me .5 seconds to realize who it was. No one else in the world has that voice...it was my daddy. In my dream, I ran down a flight of stairs to find my dad smiling at me and saying, "Hey, sweetie." I jumped into his arms and held on for dear life...sobbing the entire time. Of course, the dream faded away, and I woke up, but the last image I had was of me, being held by my daddy. I knew exactly where this dream had come from. Since October 21, the little girl in me (the little girl in most all women) has longed to be back in daddy's arms again. Because daddy just makes it all better. It's hard to find the comfort that only dad can bring when he isn't here to give it.

Sigh....I haven't been myself all day.

I promise all of my posts won't be so sad and depressing. This moment...although not "real" was too precious not to write down. This is a season of life that I am working through, and as sad as it is...and I am...there a many moments of joy. I promise to write about those soon. Thank God for continuing to bring light and happiness into our lives when we feel surrounded by stress, sadness, and loss.


  1. I know this is nothing close to the same, but while William was gone I prayed every night to see him in my dreams. Some days when I remembered the dreams they would lift me up, others they brought me down. Here's to praying your next one brings you up!

  2. Oh..such a precious gift!!! I really do think God gives us those glimpses to soothe our hearts. Can't lie, wish we had a few more, huh?

    So glad you had just another few seconds with him.


  3. I can so relate to your dream. Not long after my father passed away I too had a dream like yours. I feel like its a way of them letting us know they love us and are always with us. And this past January made 24 yrs since I last saw him.

  4. I believe your Dad visited you :)So sorry it was hard to wake up from that dream and made you sad the whole day. I'm sure it would have made me sad as well.
    I'm praying for you and your family, Lindsay.
    Love, Kelley

  5. Those dreams are such gifts! We lost my dad unexpectedly 13 years ago last month. I still have dreams where I'm talking to him and they mean so much!