31 Weeks (While it's fresh on my mind)

Poor Charlotte....I don't update nearly enough on this sweet little girl who is coming very, very soon!

I confess - I bought a journal to write to her in.  It's still sitting on my night stand. I have every intention of getting started on it, and I get busy with something else...or I'm too tired...ugh.  I'm horrible. :(  BUT, lucky for her, I have an outstanding memory.  So, once I do get started on it, she will get the run-down, detail by detail.  Starting with January 9th - the day I took a pregnancy test on a whim and received a huge shock when I found out I was pregnant with this little nugget.  And then at 17 weeks when we learned about her 2 vessel cord, and she thrust us even deeper into prayer than we already were. And now, where every day I wonder who she will look like...be like...anticipating life with a little girl after my 2 sweet boys.

And I've added updates on the blog - so she can't say I didn't write about it.  She has no idea how precious she already is to us.  I'm still wrapping my mind around all the pink in her closet at the moment (finally got hand-me-downs unpacked and hung in her closet!).  I guess I'm so apprehensive because a little girl is completely foreign to me.  Being a girl myself, you'd think I would be a bit less nervous, but...also being a girl...I know how fragile they are.  Impressionable.  Emotional.  Not that boys aren't, but girls are just different creatures.  She will teach us a lot of life lessons, and I can't wait to learn with her.

Now...to the 31 week update.  Not much here, but I want to at least have it for my own records.

- Weight Gain - no new weight gain for me.  Still at a total of 10 pounds.  (I am SHOCKED by this...)

- Measuring at 30 weeks (today was the first day of the 31st week, so that is still good)

- Heart Rate: 140s

- Position - still appears to be breech.  If she turns, the plan is to let labor progress normally since I typically go about 10 days early.  If she stays breech past 36 weeks, I guess we are looking at a c-section.  I know we could try to turn her, but there are too many "what-ifs" that come along with that, and after living every day of the past (almost) 3 years daily saying, "What if?" I don't like the idea of that risk.

- Movement: Very active.  I can tell she is growing, which is a wonderful sign.  Her movements have gotten much more forceful in the past week. She has her quiet moments....when I frantically pull out the heart monitor to make sure she's okay.  Collen used to do that to me, too.  He would be super active and then super still.  Ayden was my easy one.  All I had to do was poke him a little bit, and I'd get a wiggle out of him.  I'll never forget finding his tickle spot when I scratched my belly one day around the area of his back, and he jumped all around. :)

All in all, she is looking good.  We go for another ultrasound on the 25th to check her growth and see if she has turned head down.  Keep those prayers coming.  You guys have been such encouragers and have helped keep me assured.  I'll be so glad when she's here, healthy, and in my arms. :)


  1. My 2vc baby turned at the end, between 34 and 37w. I like to think that he needed to be breach for a while to keep his cord working well and once he was through the major growth period, he flopped around! Hopefully Charlotte will do the same. If not, a C section isn't the end of the world. I had one with both of my kids.

    1. Oh, that comforts me more than you know!! I'm not against a c-section at all...especially if that is what is best for her well-being. :) I am one of the weird ones who tolerates labor well...even getting a thrill out of it. I look forward to it....odd I know. Either way, as long as she is healthy and safe, I'm ok with whatever method necessary. :) Hope she turns just like yours!!

  2. How exciting and I am thrilled you will be having a daughter. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. What a wonderful idea and she will love it when she's old enough. How very special.
    Also, all 3 of my babies turned around 37 weeks. She still has time, and God will take care of it. I just had a friend who had her 7th baby via c-section. All 6 of her other babies were vaginal. She said she likes c-sections the best.
    Blessings, Kelley

  4. I felt the same way about having a boy after having 2 girls. It felt very foreign and not "right" to me, but now that he is here I cannot imagine not having him! Also, I am very happy to hear that you will not chose to turn her if she's still breech. My second daughter had a 2 vessel cord and was breech at my 38 week check up. I was terrified of a c-section and chose to turn her. It worked, but I didn't go into labor for 2 more weeks. The combination of the 2 vessel cord, the version to turn her, and labor was too much for her and she died 18 minutes after her birth. We still aren't sure what happened, but that is our best guess. I don't say that to scare you, and I hope it was ok to share my story. But I just wanted you to know that I think you are making a great decision with the c-section. But maybe she will turn - my son was breech until 36 weeks as well, but he turned on his own and was born after 2 pushes, and everything was fine much to our relief!