33 Weeks

We had our monthly ultrasound this morning for Miss Charlotte to measure growth and see if she had finally decided to turn.

Good news: She is head down!!  Woo!! And I think I recall the afternoon she turned.  I felt a JOLT - not really of pain, but it felt like a huge movement for her, and it was quite uncomfortable for me.  I kept feeling her little head nudging more and more into a transverse position...I kept feeling it more and more to my left side.  I had hoped that that meant she was in the process of turning, and turn she did!  It was such a relief to see that wand touch my belly and see her head shining at us instead of her little bottom. :)

More good news:  She continues to be in the 54th percentile with her measurements.  She is weighing in around 4lbs 15oz and measuring right on target.

I finally gained a little weight.  I'm up 3 pounds, so my grand total is at 13 pounds right now.  I'm still shocked by this since she is growing just like the boys did, but really....I'm not complaining.  I have about 6 more weeks to go (if she follows suit and comes about 10 days early), so I could potentially reach 20 pounds of weight gain, which would be typical for me....and great because I know I can lose that pretty easily and then some.  And boy do I need to lose the "then some."

I can't begin to explain how in love I am with this little girl.  When we first found out we were having a girl, I have to admit...I was a bit guarded.  I was immediately terrified, and it took me until recently to really warm up to the idea.  I didn't know how to be a mom to a girl.  I worried immediately that she wouldn't like me or that I would royally screw her up.  Girls bring a different dynamic - they are different creatures.  However, I have gotten over my hang-ups, and I am fully confident that she's going to turn out okay. ;)  She can't go wrong with parents who love her and a big brother (2 actually) who absolutely adores her.

Collen lovingly refers to her as "Char-baby."  He's really saying "strawberry" because Charlotte sounds close to that for him, but we'll take it as an endearment towards his sister.  Upon hearing her heart beat, Collen always chimes in and says, "Hear Charlotte?!" He will kiss my belly and point to it saying her name.  So, he's getting it.  Now, when she comes out....and she isn't in my belly anymore....I expect some confusion for him.  He loves babies, though, and is so gentle with them.  He loves to kiss them and pat their heads.  He will be a wonderful big brother.

Here is Miss Charlotte today 7/25/2012:

She kept her hand up by her face - determined not to move it no matter how much we jostled her around.  But, we got a good look at her nonetheless.  I was struck by how similar she looks to Collen.  Just...wow!  Especially the cheeks and mouth.  Around her eyes, though...I think I see a little of Ayden.    I can't wait to meet her and kiss those little cheeks!


  1. Ohhhhh how sweet that ultrasound photo is!!!! It brought tears to my eyes.

  2. I know....it just melted my heart when I saw that little face. Seeing the 2-D is awesome enough, but when she switched it over to 4-D....oh, my, goodness. That little girl had me swooning. :)