Halloween in Pictures :)

This was the first year we have "celebrated" Halloween.  We're not big on Halloween.  I have a strange phobia of the holiday, actually.  I, normally, am happy to just turn our lights off, hide in a back room with a movie and snacks, and wait the night out until November begins the next day. In 2009, Ayden had just passed away.  I had a tiny sock monkey costume that went unworn, and everywhere I looked babies were experiencing their first Halloween.  I just wanted it to go away.  The next year, Collen had just been born, and losing Ayden was still very fresh.  Collen did wear some super cute Halloween clothing, but I didn't dress him up.  Last year, Collen was a little over a year old, and my dad had just passed away.  We had been hit hard again, and just didn't feel like "celebrating"...especially a holiday where so many seem to glamorize death.  This year, though, with 2 kids, and Collen who is now old enough to participate and somewhat understand, we thought we would give it a shot.

We did participate in our church's "Trunk or Treat" event, which had to be held inside because Hurricane Sandy.  Halloween night, we met up with friends at their house where they hosted a Halloween party for the kiddos.  I enjoyed this and so did Collen; it was great to have all the kids get together and hit the houses for candy.  I felt much better about him being out with a group, and of course Jeremy took him.  Collen did very well, except he got upset when he couldn't go into the peoples' houses.  He didn't quite understand that part - our social boy - "Trick-or-Treat, and let me come in and stay awhile!" It was nice to gather with friends and let the kids have a good time mooching candy and being cute. :)  This year, Collen went as a pirate - a very cute one, I might add. ;)  We didn't dress Charlotte up in anything except some Halloween themed clothing and a cute pumpkin beanie.  Sadly, I don't have a picture of that because she spent most of Halloween night in a grumpy mood.  I'll try to get one, soon, though.

Hope you all enjoyed Halloween in whichever way you chose to!  I've loved seeing the pictures of all the kids dressed up.

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