Figuring him out...

I guess Collen is a typical guy already.....just can't figure him out sometimes. :) Thank you all for you advice and suggestions! I'm so happy to tell you that his milk intake has been much better the past few days. I'm not stressing over it.....just letting him cue me in when he wants it. I've been waiting to give him his bottle before nap times, and he gets his last big bottle before bed. He takes a bottle much easier when he's sleepy. There has been less fighting him....and more of him taking the bottle more willingly. I'm thinking teething may have had something to do with it because he is a lot less fussy these days, too. I'm telling you...if it's not one thing, it's something else! haha His sleep has been some better....woke up 3 times last night. That's the minimum. I think he's having some separation anxiety issues. He'll wake up and not go back to sleep unless I pick him up. I've tried patting his bottom, stroking his face, patting his back, but he's having none of that! But once I pick him up and snuggle him a little bit, he's back to sleep and will let me lay him back down - takes all of 5 minutes. He's got a thing for his mommy.... Thank you all much!!! You definitely helped me feel less stressed, and I didn't feel so unusual after reading your experiences! Photobucket

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  1. I think Fletcher and him are twins! Between the bottles and the sleeping they are very similar!

    He just loves his Mommy. :)