Update on #2

I am 16 weeks today. So hard to believe we've already made it this far, but it also feels like we should be farther! We're about a week and a half away from finding out if #2 is going to be another little boy or our first little girl. I'm more excited about just seeing the ultrasound and knowing that all is well.

We do have names picked out, I think. The girl's name is pretty much for sure. I think the boy's name is set, too. I know I love it, but I'm not sure Jeremy is 100%, yet. We decided that all of our kids will share the same middle name. Ayden's middle name is Brooks, which is also Jeremy's middle name. I knew when I met Jeremy that we would use his middle name with one of our kids. After losing Ayden, we decided ALL of our kids would share the same middle name. So, obviously, if this one is a boy, his middle name will be Brooks. If it's a girl, her middle name will be Brooke.

Now, first names. We also decided we wanted all of our kids' names to end in "en" so they shared a common sound. We've been going back and forth for months now trying to decide on names that we LOVE -there are tons that we like. So, for a girl, (brace yourself, it's long) we have decided on Hannah-Kathren Brooke Jones. She would be called Hannah-Kate. I have loved the name Kate for a very long time, but I don't like it by itself. Kate Jones is just too short of a name. I have also loved the name Hannah for a while now, and I love what it means - "Grace of God." And God has certainly shown us grace by blessing us with another child. So, that's where we get Hannah-Kate. Kate means "pure," so I figure we can at least hold that over her head when she's a boy-crazed teenager. (Oh yeah...we're thinking ahead....)

If this one is a boy (and my gut-feeling says it is), his name will be Collen Brooks Jones. The boy's name was tough. Obviously, Ayden is our favorite boy's name.....nothing measured up to that name for me, so I struggled with boys' names. We had a few we liked, though - Brennen, Collen, Carsen, and Owen. The other night, though, the gut-feeling kicked in, and Collen Brooks Jones was it in my mind. My gut-feeling might be wrong, though. Jeremy thinks it is. So, I guess we'll see.

With Ayden, the gut-feeling kicked in 2 weeks before the ultrasound. Up until then, I thought he was a girl - I was sure of it. Then, the gears just switched. I knew he was a boy.

I won't be disappointed either way. I'm just happy to be able to carry another child. I'm happy to be pregnant again. I LOVE being pregnant. There's something about it that makes me feel so fulfilled, and full of purpose. I don't take it for granted because I know there are so many women who won't have this chance, and my heart aches for them. It isn't fair. Every woman who wants a child should be given this opportunity. It doesn't make them any less of a woman, though....and I hope they can realize that. Being a mother is so much more. If you can love a child unconditionally, with every fiber of your being, and be willing to give your life for that child without even thinking - you're an awesome mother. How that child came to you isn't important.

I have been feeling flutters for the past few days or so. They come and go. I especially feel them when I lean forward....since leaning forward makes the space in there a little cramped. This morning, I turned over to my left side while lying down, and it was like Jiffy Pop popcorn was going off in my belly! I tried to lie still so I could be sure I was feeling what I thought I was feeling. After a few minutes, it went away. I think the kid spazzed out for a few minutes and then wore itself out. I've felt a few nudges since then today as well, so I'm pretty certain I'm feeling baby movement. It's definitely comforting.

We still check the heart beat - usually every other day. Although, during a particularly paranoid week, I will check it every day. The heart beat is staying steady around 160 - 175bpm. And I don't believe the old wive's tales. Ayden's heart beat was always fast, and according to the old wives tales that meant he was a girl. All it tells me is there's a living baby in there, and that's all I need to know.

I'll keep you updated on how things go at the ultrasound. I'm SUPER excited because my midwife is back at work after being out on maternity leave. I'll get to see her for the first time on the day of my ultrasound. I've enjoyed seeing the doctor, who is awesome by the way. If you live in Greenville and are looking for OB care - Carolina Women's Physicians....they're great. I went to Greenville OBGYN with Ayden, and they were awesome too. I LOVE their midwives, but mine happened to transfer over to CWC, so I followed her over. She's already delivered one of our children, might as well hang on to her for the rest.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We remember all of you in ours as well, and I think of so many of the families I have met through this blog often. I'm so thankful for the connections I've made. They have helped me cope and find peace and hope for the future.



  1. Oh yeah, I'm a TOTAL fan of Dr. F and her staff! :)

  2. You a definately in my prayers.
    Love the names, they sound perfect.
    If not Collen I like Carsen. It feels so good to see hope in your future. May God bless you with perfection.

  3. I love the names you have picked out! :O) That is such a hard job. I love the fact that they are all going to share the same middle name. We are going to do that with all of our girls. We have 5 or so generations of Catherine as a middle name & I want to pass that too all my daughters. I do think that will be funny for any of our sons... :0)
    still praying for you! :O)

  4. I love the names! I've always wanted to name my little girl, Hannah. :) Maybe Mr. right will appear soon. . .

  5. I love the names! Hannah-Kate is absolutely precious and my god-son is actually named Collin Brooks! (different spelling) They also took his middle name from his father's. This baby will be blessed either way!

  6. I am so excited for you, Lindsay! Prayers continue to be lifted up for you. Can't wait to hear girl or boy!

  7. Prayers are with you dear lady. :)


  8. Love the names you have picked out! I am partial to Owen! tee hee. I inadvertently picked names for my children that ended in N. I didn't come to the realization that I had done that until someone pointed it out for me. I have Dillon, Justin, Emily Lauren, Owen and Jordan.
    I am glad you are doing so well. I know I don't comment here often (in fact, I may not have before) but I have been keeping up with you for some time now. I pray for all things good and wonderful for you. Take care.

  9. So excited for you that everything is going well. You are right, midwives are the best, our Gville Ob midwife delivered our baby boy in February. I would follow her anywhere now so I know the feeling when you followed your midwife.

    Love the names and the though you put into them. Very pretty. :)

    Thanks for continuing to share your story with everyone, even those of us like me who don't know you, but I feel like I do.

  10. I love, love, love the names you have picked especially the girl name!! I am partial to Kate, I have an Anna Kate. I too thought Kate should not be used alone it's just too simple. I am so happy for you both that this pregnancy is going well. I will continue to keep you in my prayers!! I can't wait to see if Ayden is going to have a little brother or a little sister!

  11. I love, love, love the names you have picked especially Hannah-Kate! I am partial to Kate, I have an Anna Kate. I too felt that Kate was just to simple to be used by itself. I am so happy to see that all is going well with your pregnancy. I can't wait to see if Ayden is going to have a little brother or a little sister! I will continue to keep you in my prayers!

  12. I wish we lived closer to one another, Lindsay--I am an ultrasound tech, and I would "sneak" you in early for a "quick peak" at Ayden's little brother or sister. Several months ago, I sent you a few pictures for Ayden's name gallery. {Jack the Dog was one of them...:-) } Anyway, your upcoming ultrasound experience got me thinking that, perhaps, your ultrasound tech could create a picture for you for Ayden's name gallery. When I do OB ultrasounds, I often give my patients pictures for the new baby's siblings. I like to label them accordingly, ie: "Joey's Little Sister", or "Sally's Little Brother". Perhaps you could request a picture labeled "Ayden's Little _________" to add to your beautiful collection. I am sure your technologist would be thrilled to do that for you. :-)
    Just a thought....
    Congratulations on your addition to your family!

  13. We would love to add Ayden's picture to our memorial photo page, just wanted to ask if that would be okay. I am so sorry for your loss- hugs to you, I know how you feel- I lost my Lila Grace to Sids.
    carrie b.

  14. Love the names :) Still praying for you and jeremy and baby jones!

  15. Wow! 16 weeks!

    I love the names!