Collen's first beach trip!

We took a short beach trip with Jeremy's family this week - from Thursday to Sunday. We went to Myrtle Beach in SC, and it was so nice to get away and call another place "home" for a few days. There's something so exciting and refreshing about going off and staying somewhere different.

We were looking forward to this because it was Collen's first time seeing the ocean and experiencing the beach! He absolutely loved it! His favorite part was the water. I would stand him up and walk him through the water, and normally, when I hold his hands and walk him, he immediately wants to sit down, but this time - he was walking so fast I couldn't keep up with him! I guess he loved the feel of the sand beneath his feet! Once he starts walking on his own, I'll have to stay ahead of him because he'll be running for the water!

He travelled well, but he's definitely a lot more antsy in the car than he used to be. He was able to sleep a bit in the car but would become very unhappy if he was woken up on the ride. I shared a bed with him while we were there, which is what we usually do when we go out of town. He hates the pac'n play, so we ended up pulling a matress into our room, and the plan was for him to sleep on it alone, but I got nervous about him being over there all alone without a monitor, so I slept with him. He's a I got smacked a few times and rolled into/on top of, but once he was deep in sleep, he slept fine. Fun times....

We'll be doing this again with my family next week. We were able to get a good preview of how he will handle the beach, being outside, how naps should work, how outings work, and just how a baby at the beach is over all!!

Enjoy some pictures of Collen's first beach trip!


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  1. Tired boy! He is so cute and it looks like you had fun :)