It's really over....

My sister and I are 17 months apart in age. Growing up, you would have thought this would be so cool....sisters and best friends. Mmmm....not quite the scenario for us. Megan and I were very different growing up. We butted heads...a lot...and didn't have much in common. She was a cheerleader; I was a band nerd. She's tall, thin, blonde, gorgeous. I'm shorter, stocky, brunette, she says I'm pretty... The friendship part of being sisters wasn't so easy for us when we were younger. And if you had told me then that my sister would be my best friend when I was 28, we both would have laughed in your face.

NOW - she is my best rock (I rely on her TOO much in tough times....but when I'm at my lowest, there are only 2 people I want - Jeremy and Megan)....I love her more than she will ever, ever know. We are still very different in a lot of ways, but I love our differences, and I love that she is true to herself and the things that make her unique. Like her sense of humor that can get her in trouble sometimes.....I have to step in and reign her in before she says the wrong thing! haha Then again, she serves as my translator at times when I'm not bold enough to speak up for myself, she'll step in and speak for me. (Love her for that!)

Anyway, before I get too mushy gushy....this post isn't about me and my sister and our wonderful relationship (I'll save that for another time). This is about one of the things we share a common LOVE for - Harry Potter. For the past few years, whenever the newest Harry Potter book or movie came out, we geared up....we were pumped...and we shared those moments together. We read the books together...compared ideas, revelations, and the moments that made us say, "What?!" When watched the movies and compared notes as we watched...whispering, "That didn't happen in the book!" or "I love how they did that!" or shared GASPS of anticipation at the moments we knew were coming.

Sunday, when we got back from the beach, I left Jeremy to do bed time, and I met up with my sister and her boyfriend for the final Harry Potter movie. We had been looking forward to this moment all year long. Seriously....we counted down the months and then days.... Normally, we'd be there on opening night or the night before for the midnight showing, but it just didn't work out this year.

The movie was beyond awesome!!! It had been a while since I read the book, but my sister just finished reading it again. I asked her several times during the movie, "Did that happen in the book?" So she would explain differences and we would quickly discuss the moments that were just amazing! (We're not those people who talk through the whole movie....just so you know :) We just like to be on the same wavelength)

In short....the movie was fantastic!! It brought the series to an end so perfectfly, and what I remember of the book....the parts that stood out as key....were all there. Jeremy picks on me because I have this "crush" of sorts on Snape....not really snape, but Alan Rickman. Believe's not a physical attraction, "I think he's hot" kind of thing....haha....I just think he is a magnificent actor. I would say it's more of an admiration than a "crush." I have loved Snape's character from the beginning because I knew there was good in him.....I had a feeling he would play a large role up to the end, and I was not disappointed! I won't give anything away because I know some of you haven't seen it yet, but I'll say....Snape is even more my hero now! :)

It's so hard to believe I won't be going to see a new Harry Potter movie in the future. It's one of those series that has been so exciting to be a part of. No matter you're never too old to enjoy Harry Potter. I've always been drawn to the science fiction/fantasy genres, and I love anything that piques my imagination and brings the story to life. I fell in love with this series because it was just magical (even aside from the literal magic of the story)! Unfortunately, I have not read ALL the books; I've read all but 2 of them. One day....I'll catch up on those.

I wonder if anything will ever top Harry Potter? I seriously doubt it. I have loved watching the story progress, the characters change and grow, and ultimately seeing how it all came together in the end. If you've never read the books -- uumm...what are you waiting for? And if you haven't seen the least see those!!

I am typically drawn to young adult fiction - I think because that the age group I teach. I try to get into fiction that is more "my age" but I've always been young at heart....and I'm a sucker for adventure, action, and the battle between good and evil...all common themes in young adult fiction. If you would like some suggestions of good books to read...I've read the following and really liked them:

The Percy Jackson series
(a bit young for me, but I liked the link to Greek Mythology, so I kept reading, and it's a really good series)

The Hunger Games Trilogy
(Seriously, if you haven't read it, GO GET IT NOW!!! It is awesome!! I'm teaching it this year, and I can't wait! So rich in themes, symbolism, and inspiration. I've heard they are getting started on the movie.....CAN'T WAIT!!)

The Twilight Series
(I don't know many people who aren't familiar with it, but again...if you haven't read it....get out from under your rock and read it!!)

(I am reading this book right now, and I love it. I'm hoping to teach it, but I'm waiting on my grant to go through for the purchase of the books. If you would like to help with this, click here)

(This is a new book, coming out in September. It has been compared to The Hunger Games, and it seems very intriguing as far as the story line and idea goes)

So, if you haven't gotten by now that I am a complete you know. I didn't read much during my adolescent years, so I guess this is my way of making up for lost time. I'm glad that I'm drawn to this type of literature, though, because this is the kind of literature my students will find interesting, and if I can get them reading....and enjoying it....then I'm doing my job.

As far as books "my age" I love the classics.....definitely anything by Jane Austen. One of my goals for the summer was to read Frankenstein, but I'm not sure I'll get to that one. I also love historical fiction - namely british history. I always said I was born in the wrong country....I was meant to grow up in the English countryside. I am not big on romantic stuff at all, which is why I have never read anything by Nicholas Sparks. I know...crazy...but I just can't get into them. I don't do lovey, dovey, sappy romance. I love the movie, The Notebook, but I refuse to read the book because I'm afraid it'll make me hate the movie. I can't get into mysteries and thrillers because it's hard for me to read about murders....abuse...things of that nature (I say that, and I just recommended The Hunger Games to you....).

All in all, I am so sad to Harry Potter come to an end, but I'm excited about what is to come for kids (and adults) to enjoy and be inspired by!

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  1. I feel the same way about Harry Potter ending. My husband decided to go with my mom and I to this last movie and he was laughing at us for wearing our Harry Potter t-shirts. LOL Such a great series of books and movies. Going to check out the Hunger Games next!