Please pray for Tripp

I've been following Tripp's story for the past 2 years. I learned about Tripp through Jonah's mommy - Patrice. You can find her blog, here:

Jonah and Tripp have a rare skin disease known as EB. EB can take several forms....some not too severe and others, extremely severe. It can cause breathing problems, eating problems, and pain that no child should ever feel.

Please, please say a prayer for Tripp and his mom, Courtney. EB parents live with the reality that they will likely outlive their child (unless their child has a less severe form of EB). I know we have experienced the unimaginable...the death of a child. And while that is the hardest, most painful thing I think anyone can go through, I think watching you child in pain, suffering, and not being able to doa whole lot to help is just as hard....I can't imagine it....and I find myself in tears reading the blogs of these moms....just hurting for them and their babies....wishing I could take it from them.

Here is a link to Courney's blog -

Please keep all the EB kids in your prayers.

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  1. Oh my I did know about EB i watched a programme once and its so hurrendous. I can honestly say loosing a child must be the most hurrendous thing for any mother to go through, but knowing what Tripp's mum is already going through and then to unfortunately still end up loosing her precious boy doesnt bare thinking about.

    So cruel, I will keep Tripp in my thoughts. x