Everyone needs a good belly laugh....

....even 13 month-olds.

I wish I had captured it in video form, but I didn't. So, I will at least record it here.

Collen is definitely becoming more and more independent with each passing day. It's fun watching his personality develop....seeing the things that make him "Collen."

Up until now, he hasn't been a big laugher. Now, though, he giggles and laughs at pictures, children, us, animals, books, TV shows, and himself. It's so funny to watch him get tickled....to see his sense of humor.

Tonight, mine and Jeremy's parents were here helping put Collen's swingset together. We were leaving to grab some supper, and Jeremy's dad was walking out with Collen. He had a rag/hankerchief that he kept swishing in front of Collen's face. Collen thought it was hilarious! He kept giggling and giggling until he finally let out a squeal....bent over...and just let out a big belly laugh! It reminded me of grown ups who bend over and slap their knee because they're laughing so hard. To see such a little person do it....it was just priceless.

Hopefully, I'll catch it on video soon because really....who doesn't love a good baby belly laugh?!

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