7 months old!


Today, you're 7 months old!!
You are silly, funny, friendly, loving, smart, and happy!
You love food, but you are finicky sometimes. You aren't a fan of your bottle because it requires you to stay still for too long. You enjoy eating your baby food and practicing drinking out a cup with your sippy cup! Sometimes you even get the little bit of juice Mommy puts in there for you.
You are fascinated with animals, and you watch Tucker and Sinatra all day long. They are gentle with you, and Tucker even lets you pet him sometimes!

You are opinionated, and you can throw mini-fits at times....usually when it's time to put your clothes on. You'd much rather hang out in your diaper.
You jabber all the time. You are now saying:
-ba ba
-da da
- te te (the "t" sound)
-ch ch
-ca ca (you say this when Sinatra comes around)
-ma ma (only when you're really upset)
When we say, "Yaaay Collen!!" you clap your hands together.
And you're beginning to try to wave to people....you're starting to connect the waving movement with "hello or bye bye."
Your main mode of transportation is rolling. You haven't quite figured out crawling yet. You like to reach at toys from a sitting position and try to lurch yourself towards them. You're skipping putting your knees down and just diving for toys! I think you're getting closer, though.

Mommy knows all your tickle spots and she can get you laughing away sometimes!
You have the most adorable laugh, and we love to hear it any chance we can.
You are wearing 6-9 month clothes.
You probably weigh a little over 20 pounds, but surprisingly, you don't feel so heavy to me. My mommy muscles must be coming in.
You don't sleep so well. You're getting better at napping, but you wake up several times during the night when you wake up and realize you don't have your paci anymore. We're working on figuring this one out.....because we like our sleep around here. ;)

You're such a happy baby.
You're an absolute blessing in our lives, and we love watching you grow and change with each new day.
You're learning so quickly, and it's amazing how much you change in such a short amount of time.
We love you more than you will ever, ever be able to comprehend. And God loves you even more than that!! What a loved little guy you are!
Happy 7 months sweet boy. We love you so much thank God for you every day.



  1. i was due august 12, and had my son kenny been born alive and well near that time, he'd be about 7 months now himself. i have been thinking lately that i know nothing about 7-mo-old babies, nothing about what he would be like or able to do. thank you for this glimpse into what should have been for him.

    collen is so cute. you are truly blessed.

  2. He is precious!! Great pictures!!

  3. He is adorable. Thanks for sharing your heartbreak and your love for your sons!

  4. So, I'm laying (lying?) in bed with my husband and I just exclaimed,"Look at his blue eyes!" and he is like, "Who is that?!?" Just a reminder that although I feel like I know you and your family, I really don't, lol. And, by default, neither does he! Cute pics! So glad you are all doing well!

  5. Happy 7 months old Collen! I can't believe how big he is getting. I love all the new things he is doing and learning.

  6. I emailed you a while back after Ayden's passing. Your story touched my heart so much. I started reading your blog after a friend of mine added Ayden's button to her blog. Collen & my baby boy, John Tollie (named for his great-grandfather), are 6 days apart. I love reading about Collen & seeing how close they are in their development. Collen is quite a bit bigger than John Tollie! He weighs around 17-lbs. I think they would be wonderful playmates if we lived closer. Still remember your family daily in my prayers. I can't imagine your pain.

  7. He is so gorgeous, with those BLUE eyes and that dark hair, always wanted at least one with blue eyes and our dark hair, but, they were all born with dark brown eyes and they never changed. About the paci situation at night, Katie puts like seven in Morgan's crib when she naps and at night, so when she wakes up, she just feels around and finds one and popes it in her mouth, when Katie was told about this, she said it was the best advice she ever received, maybe this will help! As always, ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers!

  8. I came across your blog through a friend's and saw that you also have a baby almost the same age as mine. He is adorable and those eyes are just breathtaking!:)