Not so much going on...

Have you ever gone through the day and at the end of the day you just feel beat up....exhausted....and then you look back over the day you really didn't do so much? Or at least, it feels like you didn't do so much. That has been my whole week. I have just felt so run down and I look over my week, and it was filled with a lot of playtime and attention for/towards Collen, running a few errands, not cooking much dinner, one day of cleaning, and lots of My So Called Life watching on Netflix (Anyone else remember that show from back in the day?!).
I go to bed every night feeling so wiped out, but it doesn't seem like I did a whole lot over the course of the day. I guess a little person sure can take a lot out of you.

Oh yeah, I guess it could be that this little person doesn't sleep well at night. I seem to forget that little tidbit. Collen has slept in our bed several times this week because he just won't get settled in his crib. He'll roll to his stomach, wake up and be mad; I'll give him his paci; he'll be appeased for about 20 minutes; then he's awake and crying again. This happens over and over and over again.....and boy is it exhausting.

My days (nights, really) are about to get even busier. I've started my online tutoring, which has been pretty good so far. I went into this thinking I was supposed to be tutoring 3rd-6th graders, which I thought, "Ok....3-6 grade math....I think I can handle that. Then, at my session yesterday, I get high schoolers....math....oh, and I freaked out. At the beginning of my session, I looked over the math work, and I see dun-dun-duhhhhh.....fractions. Not my strong point.....(well, any kind of math isn't my strong point....)

So, I run to get Jeremy (who is laying down with Collen as he's napping) and terrified, I say, "HELP ME!!!" So, he came into the other room and coached me as I tutored this student. heart was racing the entire time.

Luckily, my next session was reading and 2nd grade math. I handled that one pretty well. :)

Jeremy is making out a quiz for me as I type this.....I've been practicing and brushing up on my math since my near heart attack.

I'll be tutoring every night now. So far, I like it, but even 2 hours of tutoring is hard to juggle with everything else going on. We'll see how long it lasts. The tutoring is seasonal, so once May rolls around, it may get slow, which I will gladly welcome.


We've joined a new small group, which we are really enjoying. Right now we're doing the Five Love Languages. I've always wanted to go through that study with Jeremy, so once I heard this group was doing it, we made sure we joined in. It has been really interesting. I won't share our love languages here, but I will tell you that Jeremy is good at my love language, and I'm not so good at his. So, I guess I have more homework to do. I'm so glad to be back involved in a small group....a time of fellowship. My mom comes to take care of Collen so we can go, so she gets some grandson time and we get some social time with other grown ups. :) It lasts about 2 hours, which is about as long as I can stand to be away from Collen, so it works out well.


So, see....not much going on. Just enjoying life, spending time with Collen, watching him learn new things every day, balancing Collen, housework, tutoring, and life and trying to breathe through the craziness that comes with it all. So thankful for it all!



  1. If you don't mind me asking, who are you tutoring for? I taught elementary school for 4 years before our boys were born and would love/need to make some money on the side.

    -Shannon (

  2. Lindsay, I am a teacher as well. I am interested in what company you are working for tutoring online. If you can give me that information, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

    You can email me at

  3. Lindsay, we're going through the exact same sleeping issues right now! Actually, we've been going through this since Thanksgiving. Sigh. So I feel your pain. And honestly, I don't know what to tell you that would help. Elijah ends up in our bed every.single.night. He just can't seem to get settled in his crib and even has a hard time sometimes in our bed.

    I'm hoping that once he hits one year and stops nursing, the sleeping situation will work itself out (maybe we'll throw in some sleep training). Fingers crossed. :)

  4. i'm interested as well!

  5. Oh my goodness, you and I are going through the same thing. My Bella is 8m and she has been doing the exact thing at night. Sleeps okay from 7pm till 10:30pm. Nurses again and from then on its up all throughout the night. Give her the paci and she's content for like 30min and fussing again. She's not even content sleeping with me. I work a couple of days a week and it is rough. She refuses to sleep at the sitters either. I was doing really good following the babywise method the first 6months and she did great. Guess I need to go back to that. Also, my husband and I did the love languages with our Sunday school class and it was very enlightening. It also helped me figure out my children's love languages which is helpful. Please visit my blog. Our babies are the same age and I always am grateful for any exchange of mommy advice:)