Been awhile....

I know, shame on me. I haven't written in a while. Quite a few people have commented on my lack of blogging lately. I really just haven't had much to write about.....besides the obvious.

Today was my first real day back at work. Luckily it was a workday, and tomorrow is as well. Students come back on Thursday. I have no idea what to expect Thursday. I can see myself walking around in a fog all day.....not knowing how to act....not completely believing I'm really back at work....not ready to take it all on again. Another first day of school....I'm petrified, but can it really go as badly as my last first day? Nope. Nothing could ever be worse than that day. I'm just afraid of the deja vu of it all. I remember it all so clearly; I remember each moment with my students....I'll go through every step with my new students on Thursday. I'll be passing out bathroom passes....wondering....what tragedy is occuring right at this moment.

I can't let fear take over. I WON'T let fear overcome me.

I just hope my students will be gracious, kind, and behaved. It's going to be hard enough without having to deal with many discipline problems.

It has been weird being back. Everyone has been so gracious and nice. Not too eager to speak to me, but definitely not acting as if I'm not there. I think they're all trying to give me my space. I appreciate that. I'm not into much small talk, so most of the time, I can be found in my office working on something.....with a Judy Garland movie or Lucy episode playing in the background. (My close friends at work know that I'm in my "happy" place when they hear Judy or's my way of calming down) I'm re-learning how to be a part of society to be "normal" again....whatever that is. I don't think I'll ever be normal again. I'll never be the old Lindsay again. I feel like I'm forever jaded, tainted.....bruised.

People used to be amazed at how innocently I looked at the optimistic of a person I could be. Sadly, I'm not that way anymore. I still have optimism....more than many who have walked in my shoes, but it's not like it used to be.

I'm still a work in progress, but with God's help....I've come a long way since August. I found myself singing along to My Fair Lady tonight, and I'm laughing again...genuinely. I'm most myself around my parents, my sister, and Jeremy. I think they're seeing some of the old Lindsay again.

I want to trust God fully again. I trust Him. I trust Him a lot. But I'm not sure I fully, 100% trust Him again. It's hard when you let yourself fully rely on God....give it all to's easy to say, "Your will be done" when all is well. But, when your worst nightmare becomes your reality, you're left looking at God wondering why He betrayed you....why He would do this to you after you gave it all to Him. I know that's the wrong way to look at it. I should trust Him fully and even more completely because in His eyes, His will was done. But it wasn't MY will for this to lose my precious baby boy. I never wanted that, but I wanted God to know I trusted Him with what was most precious in my life. And He allowed him to be taken. That's hard to's hard to trust after that happens. So, I'm working on it, and I hope He's okay with that.

A good friend asked me recently, "So, how's life?" I'm not sure he knew what he was asking. And if I had been honest, I would have laughed and said, "Are you serious?" But I was glad he asked the way he did. He already knew the answer, but by asking that question, he caused me to think a lot about how I view life at the moment. When I answered him, I said, "Life is life. I'm living it one day at a time." That's all I can do right now, really. Just take on each day as it comes. I can't even begin to anticipate the following day because getting through the current day is a triumph. As I said, I'm working my way back to normal....back to being a part of society again. So, I'm living life as it comes.....and honestly praying every day that life here on earth will quickly pass. I'm not wishing it away because I know there are more memories to be made, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't hope for Christ's return every second of every day because sometimes, this life just gets to be too much. I'm more ready than I've ever been....

Well, I said I didn't have much to write about. I guess you ended up getting random thoughts that have been floating around my foggy brain. Sorry if it was hard to follow. I hope you're all having a good week. Continue to remember the people of Haiti. I wish I could be there helping right now.....

Take care.



  1. I have to respectfully disagree with part of what you said. I don't think you're a damaged person now for what happened. Are you changed? absolutely. It would be impossible to go through something like that and remain unchanged. But think of it instead as you having another layer added onto who you always were. Another depth, another facet. A new understanding and perspective. That doesn't change your core or in any way make you damaged.

  2. I rememeber how hard my first few days back at work were. They were so tough. Just know that I will be praying you through. *HUGS*