Forgive my ranting for a moment....

I am sick of the following things:

- Senseless acts of aggression, violence, stupidity

- Lack of consideration for the safety of others

- No respect for others and their personal property


-IDIOTS with nothing better to do than make the rest of hard-working, tax-paying citizens pay for their stupidity.

Where is this coming from, you ask? Tonight, Jeremy and I treated ourselves to a dinner out together and then went to rent a movie. Minding our own business......enjoying some time together. On our way home, we here a loud POP. Something had hit our car - not another had thrown/shot something at our car.

If this was the first time this had happened, I would be mildly perturbed. But this is the THIRD time. 2 years ago, I was on my way home from a school event. As I turned onto our road to go into our neighborhood, a rock was thrown at my car, barely missing my windshield. 6 months later, Jeremy was on his way from home, and as he drove underneath an overpass, a large rock was dropped and hit and busted his windshield. And now this.

I am a very patient person, and many would tell you that I am way too nice. I'm first to want to give someone another chance or try to find the good in the worst of people. My hope and faith in people is quickly growing thin. I just don't understand why people feel like it's okay to just break into another person's home or car...take what they want....and just walk away. They don't consider the person they're doing this to - they're just in it for the fun of it or just to get something out of it without having to pay for it. Yet, here we are....having to pay to fix their damage whether it be a door kicked in, a busted window, or a huge dent in your car.

Whatever they threw or shot could have hit the window....what if there was a child in the car? What if the glass had shattered and had fallen all over the child sitting innocently in the back seat? I just don't get it.

I'm sick of people. I'm sick of people with no regard for other people and their property and their right to safety. I'm sick of people getting away with this kind of thing all the time. It's absolutely ridiculous. And I'm most sick of the helpless feeling that comes over me after something like this happens because who am I? What can I do?

Ok, I'm done now.

Lord, forgive me for the negative thoughts I have had about people tonight. Give me patience and forgiving heart.....



  1. This was one of my daily prayers:

    "Father, thanks for accepting me--anger and all. Help me break down the barriers in my heart, mind, and soul. I want to make peace with this flawed world, with others' frail natures, and with my own flaws and frailness. Enable me to work through my anger early, before it hardens my heart."

    Sadly we do live in a flawed world, and it is only human nature to be angry. Any time you pick up the paper or watch the news, they constantly revolve around something negative. It is hardly ever over something positive. Something good. Something with meaning.

    And the real sad thing, at least to me, is how many people not only get "something for nothing" but have come to expect it while the rest of us work hard and try to live good, hardworking lives, many of us just lucky to make ends meet.

    So its hard not to be bitter, especially when something so, well, stupid happens. When people have absolutely no regard for you or anyone else, only their own trivial needs and cheap thrills.

    All we can do is pray for them and hope that they see the light one day and recognize that the world would be a better place if we could all "just get a long."

    Love you guys,

  2. I don't know what to say Lindsay. I read this the first time about an hour ago. I kept thinking about you guys and here I am back on your blog again and I have nothing. Just sadness and anger. And a deeper conviction that this world is not our home and I can't wait for all of us to be there. No more pain. No more tears. and none of this crap.
    I love you.

  3. Your feelings are totally validated. My purse was stolen along with my entire family's (myself, husband, and 3 small sons) social security cards inside. They have written around $5,000 worth of checks from our acct. at multiple locations, tried to get credit in my husbands name, and also stole a car using my husbands license for a test drive. No one seems to care to try to put the pieces together and actually catch this guy. I just have to give it to God because I can worry myself to death about it and it is totally out of my control. I pray for you and your husband daily. With all of your unimaginable trials, God must expect great things from you. I know that isn't much consolation, but I truly believe that.

  4. Lindsay,
    I just started reading your blog and I am blown away at all you have endured. The pictures of you and your husband and your beautiful baby boy just make my heart ache for you. Please know I am praying for you. I am a children's pastor in Colorado. God is angry at injustice. There is such a thing as righteous anger. When there has been an injustice... we can let ourselves get angry about it. I'm praying for you. That no more harm come to you... and your things. That you feel safe again. God bless you and your husband.

  5. Lindsay, some people are just dumb and ignorant. I am so sick and tired of this stuff happening to the two of you. The Averys love you guys--

  6. Lindsay, I admire the way that you still seek the Lord in the face of all that is laid upon you.

  7. I agree. We are dealing with a situation in our family where someone is not being respectful of another family member- not caring about her well being. . . I am sick of it too. . .Yet, I know, that this is not my home. . .and that my God is in control!

  8. Somebody famous said, "Be the change you want to see in the world" It may have been Ghandi, does it really matter? The quote haunts me because the world is in such a wretched state, literally in our own backyards, that it seems a daunting task, almost hopeless, like who are we trying to kid, change? As if it were possible. I do strive to do my part, usually not very gracefully but trusting somehow it will make a difference somewhere, kind of like that "butterfly effect".
    Great post, thanks for putting it out there for us.

  9. OMG!!!!!

    I hate that there are wicked and nasty people in this world and pray they stay away from the two of you!!!

    Glad y'all are okay, I am deeply sorry that happened.It makes me so angry.

    I love you - Kelley