Gracie's First Snow

Well, some snow came our way last night and today. Normally, I'm a big kid about the snow, and while I was very glad to see it, I had no interest in getting out in it.

However, this was Gracie's first snow, so I was looking forward to her reaction. I woke up several times last night - you know....checking to see how much snow had fallen...keeping track of what was happening with each passing hour. Each time I got up, I made sure to look out the window at Gracie to make sure she seemed warm enough. She usually sleeps in her dog house (that doesn't have a top because she ate it/decided it didn't belong so she has banished it from her pen). However, we gave her a blanket last night because of the cold and wet weather. So, most of the night, she slept on top of the blanket, on the ground, in the corner of her pen furthest away from the heat lamps (I don't begin to try to understand her). Anyway, at 3am, I looked out at her and she was mesmerized by the snow that was coming down. She kept watching it, trying to figure it all out. Then, she realized that if she pulled on the tarp beside her pen, snow would fall in on her, so she continued to do that until (I'm guessing) she had gotten wetter than she liked. She's a funny one.....

Of course, I grabbed the camera and made sure I got some video footage of her first experience with the white stuff. At first, she was really prissy about it....tip-toeing around, only walking where Jeremy had walked. Then, she got a little bolder when she realized she could run on it. Once she had her ball, she was one happy dog. Here is some video of Gracie enjoying herself (that's Tucker barking/whining in the background. He gets very jealous when Jeremy is outside with Gracie):

We didn't let her stay out long because it was really cold and when we let her out, the freezing rain had begun. Also, leaving that dog out unattended, without boundaries (on her chain) is a disaster waiting to happen. So, she has spent most of the day snuggled up in her pen underneath her heat lamps. Sounds a lot like what I did all day. I've spent the day in my PJs, in bed, catching up on LOST since the final season begins on Tuesday! I'm almost finished....gotta watch it all before Tuesday, though, so I'll be settling in for a marathon.

Snow is a beautiful wonder of God's creation. It never ceases to amaze me..... I'm glad we don't see it that often; makes it that much better each time we do. I would certainly take it for granted - like I take our 90-100 degree summer days for granted (which I could certainly do without!).

Stay safe out there...


Sunday's Update

I originally posted this on Saturday, but Blogger, for some reason, does not like to cooperate with uploading my videos, so I set it aside for later.

Today, we woke up to find that a little more frozen stuff had accumulated overnight. Gracie had a ball running around. The top layer was ice, so she didn't even make a dent in it. She just ran/glided along top.

School is cancelled for tomorrow, so my LOST marathon will continue for another day. Today was spent much like bed, in my PJs, watching LOST. I feel like such a slacker, but it's nice to be able to rest and relax....



  1. Hey there! I'm not sure exactly how I found you, but I'll just believe God meant for me to! Your son is so beautiful. My daughter, Miller Grace, went home to the Lord after five days on this earth on June 28, 2007. I just wanted to encourage you today, if I may, by saying you love and honor your son well and that every day will not be quite as painful as this one may be. His grace is truly sufficient and He is (still) worthy of our praise. :)

  2. Cute video! Enjoy your chance to relax :)

  3. I wasn't able to see the video for some reason but it sounds great!Did you take pictures too?

    Thinking about y'all - Kelley