A few pictures from Ayden's birthday

***Updated 4/29: Another blog friend posted about her balloon send off on Tuesday. Please read....it's quite the tale. Jennifer's Blog

Lauren beat me to it....she updated her blog with pictures from yesterday. Check them out here:

Lauren's Home

The whole post is so fitting....as she mentions "Ayden's Song." I consider it his song as well. Someday I'll be able to listen to it again....

I'll post pictures soon, I promise.



  1. Such a sweet post. I needed lots of tissues. Keeping you in our hearts and prayers!

  2. I swear I see an outline of a heart in the sky. In the last picture with the balloons.

  3. What a beautiful day, full of love for sweet little Ayden! I'm sure he enjoyed catching those balloons as they came straight to him. So glad y'all had friends and family to share the day with, so many people love that little guy!!

    Including me :) Kelley

  4. I loved the birthday celebration it was so beautiful. Seeing all those balloons go up and how beautiful blue the sky looked. I love Ayden's song had to bring out the tissue:)

  5. Beautiful post by your friend. And the song is amazing... I cried the whole time. It hits every thought, emotion, and pain we experience.

  6. I heard that song on the radio yesterday and I immediately thought of Ayden. You and Jeremy have been heavy in my thoughts and prayers this week!