A little bit about Collen

One day, I plan to get my blog put into book form, and I want Collen to be able to read it and especially read about my pregnancy with him.

So here is a little info. about Mr. Collen up to this point:

How far along?: 21 weeks, 3 days

Weight gain thus far: 7 pounds

Strange Cravings: Cole Slaw (I've NEVER eaten it in my life, but the other day, I WANTED it so bad! I didn't eat it, though, because I knew the craving would not sit well with my taste buds.), Chicken (hated it when I was pregnant with Ayden), cold cut subs with lettuce, mustard, and banana peppers (but I don't eat them because I'm not supposed to eat deli meat.

Contractions?: Yes...Braxton Hicks Contractions, usually when I'm driving

Movement: I've just begun to feel movement. Collen appears to be a daytime baby. He is very, very active in the mornings, slows down in the afternoons, is very quiet at night, and I do believe he has spurts of energy through the night. He woke me up last night. His movements are still come and go, though, especially when he gets behind the placenta. I think he's going to be very energetic (like his mom).

Mom's Energy Level: Moderate - not as tired as 1st trimester, but much more easily exhausted. I reach points when I know I've over-done it, so I have to sit down and relax. One the tiredness sets in, there's no going back. I have to give in and rest. This pregnancy has been more draining, but not as tiring as I expected.

What I'm Looking Forward to: Stronger movements so Jeremy can feel the kicks and so we can see them from the outside.

To say we are thankful for Collen would be a huge understatement. I can't tell you how many times I look at my growing belly and just stand in awe at God's grace. Of course, I then have a moment of sadness when I ask, "But why can't I have both of them?" I want Ayden here so badly to experience this with us and to meet his little brother.....and to just be here. All of our children will be "little" siblings. They won't know their big brother and how wonderful he is. We will definitely share him with them, though. They will know all about his sweet personality, his adorable laugh, beautiful smile, big blue eyes, and genuine spirit. We will tell them what each of them shares with him whether it be personality, looks, or traits.

I promise to share a picture of my growing belly soon. I'm finally getting big enough to look pregnant, but true maternity tops are too big, and most of my regular clothes are too small. I'm using what I have until I can fit into some of the bigger belly tops. Looking forward to that!



  1. I am so happy to hear of hope growing within you, especially now, when it would be easy to be blind and deaf to hope, but God has hope literally growing within you. Praise for Collen, and for Ayden, it is because of Ayden that you have such reverence for the hope and life growing within you.

  2. I think it is just wonderful that Collen and his future siblings will know they have a big brother. I am the youngest of eight girls, my mom lost one of my sisters at 6 mths old and twin girls at birth. I just love hearing about them, and can't wait to meet them one day. Wonderful to hear your doing well with baby Collen.

  3. I bet you are looking adorable, I can't wait to see pictures!!! And sweet little Collin sounds like he is a fantastic little guy!
    Love you, Kelley

  4. This is a good idea to do this!! I'm doing it too!