Little Baby Kicks

Collen has proven that he will follow directions well ( the womb anyway). Since finding out that my placenta is anterior, I've been waiting....and waiting....and waiting some more to feel those first little kicks. I'm not a patient waiter...most of the time. I kept having pep talks with Collen, pleading with him to just kick with all his hard as he I can feel it.

The other night, I was especially impatient because I had gone ALL day with no little bitty nudge...nothing. So, I said, "Okay kid, it's time." As soon as I laid down and got still, he went to town! I was impressed at his listening skills. He made me a very happy lady. :) Since then, I've been feeling his little kicks and rolls - usually when I'm lying down or sitting still. And his favorite place to have his kicking sessions - right behind my full bladder. That's okay, though, I'll take it any day!

I'll be 20 weeks on Saturday - the big half way mark. Can't believe it has gone by so quickly. I hope the remaining 20 weeks go by just as fast.



  1. How exciting! I am so happy for you & your husband. I miss feeling a baby move in my tummy its an amazing feeling :-)

  2. I read this and had a little mental image of Baby Collen trying out his stretches, kicks and somersaults now that he is getting bigger. I also imagined Ayden encouraging him and saying "Go baby Bro"! Thinking of you all often xx

  3. Those baby kicks in the womb are one of the best feelings. LIke the above poster, I really miss that too! I hope the next 20 weeks goes by just as smooth.

  4. That is so exciting!!! I really miss feeling a baby moving in my belly. So happy for you!

  5. How exciting huh? I just hit 20 weeks on Tuesday and what do you know that was the first day when I really felt a good baby kick or move. Other than that there may have been flutters before but wasn't too sure. This is baby #4 for me. And those kicks are exciting no matter what number you are on :) How fun!

  6. Glad you got to feel those kicks! Hope it goes by quickly for you!

  7. I'm reading back through your blog (as you can see by my comments) and it is amazing to me how many similarites we have.

    Our first children are really close in age and these two will be two. I'm due October 7th.

    How funny is that? I also have an anterior placenta :)

    I can't wait to follow along more.

  8. Wondering if you went to the retreat. Really, none of my business, but I have been praying for your healing and peace during this time. Either way the prayers are purposeful, it is an impossibly hard month for you as you count down to Ayden's birthday,
    and find the courage to celebrate the birthday season you share.