Real quick..

So many of you have sent pictures, comments, texts, messages, emails, cards, etc. wishing us a peaceful day and also wishing Ayden a Happy Birthday. Thank you so much. Really, we understand that you all have lives, busy lives, and the fact that you took the time to join us in remembering Ayden's birth today and how special he is, means so much to us.

Today, overall, was a good day. Of course, we had our tears, but birthdays shouldn't be sad. I told Jeremy that I didn't want today's mood to be one of sadness. I didn't want a repeat of the day we said goodbye on the one year anniversay of the day we said hello. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was wish Ayden a very Happy Birthday. Then, I looked through our pictures of his birth. I hadn't looked at those pictures since May of last year. It was tough but so sweet at the same time to recall that sweet moment in our lives. He made us all so happy.

The balloon release went well....aside from a few balloons that got stuck in the trees....they'll slowly make their way, we hope. It was nice to have family and friends there who have meant so much to us throughout all of this....and so nice to know that they love Ayden just as much as we do. I'll post pictures soon.

Today has been a long day, but a good day. I wish we could have celebrated with Ayden, and I hope he was allowed a small glimpse of us today to see everyone celebrating with him. I bet birthday parties in heaven are awesome. I can't wait to experience it someday. Someday soon......yes, please.....soon.



  1. LIndsay, you are so strong it is unbelievable. i admire you so much for being able to see the good in so much pain and hurt. im eager to see pics from the balloons too!

  2. I'm so glad you had a lot of support today, Ayden has touched so many! So many people love him!!

    I'm sure his party in Heaven was fantastic, something we can't even imagine. I hope Grayson was there.

    Thinking about y'all, and love you - Kelley

  3. Happy Birthday again, Sweet Boy!! I hope your celebration in Heaven was amazing (I know it was, because I mean, it IS Heaven afterall!!) You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers on a daily basis!

  4. Praying for you during this diffucult time....that God's sweet peace and love will surround you!

  5. Happy Heavenly Birthday Sweet Ayden! Lots of hugs!

  6. Thank you for including us yesterday. Such a special time. We need to get together soon! I miss spending time with you.
    Love you!

  7. Yes...some day very soon!!! Maranatha!!!
    Lots of love for you!!!!

  8. Nothing that you don't already know, but the milestones to survive are endless, aren't they?

    Birthday celebrations behind you, now to mother's day....I think one of the harder holidays for many women, trying to honor their own mother while relishing being a mother themselves. This mother's day you get to celebrate being a mother x2, Ayden and Collen, boys blessed to have you as their mom. I hope you find space to "catch your breath" between these emotional milestones. I continue to pray for your courage and wisdom.