1st Halloween

The first holiday we had to face without Ayden was Halloween. He was going to be a sock monkey. I still can't look at that costume....

So, this year, Halloween was a bit different. Still tough...every holiday will be....but not as heartbreaking as last year.

This year, I wanted to dress Collen up, but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to. Instead, I put him in the token "First Halloween" outfit, complete with jack-o-lantern socks. He didn't need a costume. He oozes cuteness just as himself.

This weekend, Collen and I went with my parents to visit my grandparents. The last time they saw Collen, he was 2 weeks old, on the bili blanket, and trying to gain back the weight he had lost. We were a bit stressed over breastfeeding, jaundice, and the typical newborn worries. This time, Collen was a bit more interactive and definitely more snuggly without that bili blanket!

Overall, he did great for a 2 month old...being a in a car for 3 hours there and back and then an additional hour to get back home. We had a few meltdowns, but it was nothing a little nursing and cuddling with Mommy wouldn't fix. I love that he needs ME in those moments and that I can calm him in those moments.

Here are some pictures from our weekend. Hope you and yours had a fun little Halloween.

Collen and Grandpa Tyson

Collen and Grandma Tyson

Cute little feet :)



  1. Oh my gosh, Collen looks so BIG.
    He is such a little man, and very cute socks on his feet for this holiday. I love his little leg creases...perfect baby legs!

  2. Mr Collen is just too sweet :-)

  3. Collen is SO adorable. (and looks like Mommy?)
    But what to do with the sock monkey costume? I looked at Tripp's costume yesterday and it was hard to get into the spirit. Thinking about you, and praying for you daily.